Nigeria and its people have been on political and economic tenterhooks for several years courtesy of the misrule in the hands of those (s)elected to administer her affairs. It is John Maxwell and of course our own Achebe Chinualumogu who crystallized the many woes of the society and placed them squarely on the door post of the leaders. Everything rises and falls with leadership. It cannot be any other way, for although, the followers would have had their own share of blame in the process of societal re-engineering, the leadership has to take the lead and point the torch to inspire confidence and action from the people. The misfortune therefore most societies especially Nigeria has as a nation is having leaders who care less about God’s plan for the people, they are largely egotistical and behave as if they are dispensing favour to the people that they are paid to protect and cater for. The reverse sadly has become the case. The citizens are now compelled to take care of their leaders and for themselves too. It is now “to your tents O’Israel”. What a terrible situation! If the head of a fish is badly rotten, what then would become of the trunk down to the tail?

It is in the light of these perceived and glaring socio-political and economic catastrophe of a nation that more people are yelling and praying that the situation should not only improve for the better, but that the country should be evacuated from the junk of these unfortunate socio-political and economic situation perpetrated by successive administration mired in incompetencies, complacency and avarice.
However, while we continue with these freezing lamentations, we must take bold and positive steps and action to change the narrative as another round of general elections beckons in less than 12 months from now. 2023 might just be that year and moment we have all waited for to be able to right our aged long mistakes via franchise.
According to Victor Hugo: “There is something that is greater than all the armies in the world; that is an idea whose time has come”. Indeed, the time is now. The long awaited demagogue is here. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has set the wheels on motion to reverse the ugly narrative of our nation state. The only man that has the leadership capacity to transform and return Nigeria back to its past glory and weld varying entities into one nation of one people. His appearance is a whiff of the nations economic upsurge. Nigeria will once again buoy adequately up in happiness and would reach the aesthetic expectation of their desires. From the cradle of his political chapter, he has been a peace Maker, a mobilizer, a quintessential leader and firm pal of the downtrodden. He is fully crammed with wisdom and human management capacities. His stoical response to hardship is unparalleled . With Ugwuanyi, our debased economy will experience boom and our security situation will receive more than a rhetoric attention.

Nigerians, the time is too near, the best time is now and not tomorrow. And so shall we experience peace, economic growth and security of lives and properties courtesy of Ugwuanyi presidency in 2023.

#Let join hands and hearts to support Ugwuanyi for a new Nigeria. God bless Nigeria and her people, Amen…

Bibian Anekwe News added: “A true leader is someone who leads by showing you the right path and leaves footsteps for you to follow”.

Written by
Okezie Okonkwo
A political Analyst


Bibian Anekwe News


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