A Leader like Ugwuanyi – Let Him be Our Portion


There is absolutely nothing compared to when peace, harmony and love for one another reigns Supreme in the land. There is absolutely nothing again that could compare to when elected political leaders are on top of their game doing just what just they were elected to do in the interest of equity, fairness, happiness and welfare of the people they are meant to govern. Now wait for it! Contemporary Leaders of the developing nations of the world would make their citizens believe through their dispositions that they are no less than the lord of the manor. The citizens will truly appear to be at the mercy of those in the corridors of power. Despite the abundance of natural and material resources in most of these nations, inept leadership has conspired to whittle down the dispensation of natural justice with regard to what the people expect from their leaders. So worrisome is the fact, that the people have had to fight for every inch of the way to obtain what naturally should acrue to them by way of good governance. It is an incontrovertible fact that the welfare of the masses are often so messed up and taken for granted. More often than not, these leaders who do not often see anything wrong with taking care of themselves, families and cronies, but would rather deny the citizens their share of the common wealth. Most times, when they do their little bit to the people, it is often hyped even beyond proportion as if they owe the masses the favor of the little they were able to do.

While we would continue to lament the issues of corrupt and inept leaders in government, I dare to assert that one leader in this part of the world and in our own time has diligently distinguished himself from the entire pack of the modern day leaders. For those of us who come from Enugu State and have had the privilege of visiting other states as well as following diligently events in other parts of the country, we cannot but assert that Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi popularly known as Gburu-Gburu is a leadership icon par excellence. A lot has been written and commented about the man Ugwuanyi and his leadership qualities, but one thing is sure. I have no doubt that those comments or write ups are borne out of genuine love and appreciation for the visible marks he has made in Enugu in the past six years and still making. It is even joked among the flanks of the Governor’s admirers, that goodness has become his second nature and he would only stop being whom God created him to be when he would have breathed his last. Our prayer is that the Almighty God will continue to support him and grant him the necessary grace. As 2023 draw closer, may God place him in another position of trust, where we would see more of his goodness.

One striking feature of governor Ugwuanyi is his unassuming dispositions at all times. He takes his mandate seriously and does have an air about him. He remains people driven and does not want noise made about what he believes is the right of the people to enjoy government patronage. Recently, jubilation went wild in the state especially in the health sector, when the Governor graciously approved an upward review from 41 percent to 60 percent Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS) for health workers in the state amid the biting economic challenges which will take effect from the month of September 2021.

It is important to remark the submission made by Comrade Omeh, the Chairman of JOHESU, an umbrella body of all the health professionals in the state that the agitations for Consolidated Salary for health workers started well over eleven years ago and has been actualized by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. This move according to JOHESU Chairman, Comrade Omeh has now placed Enugu state health workers at par with their peers in the health care industry. It must be remarked also that CONHESS is the appropriate Salary Scale operational in the Country since 2010.
JOHESU Chairman further acknowledged that prior to Ugwuanyi’s assumption of office, the Economy was relatively better to implement CONHESS for the health workers by the government of the day but their agitations for the salary enhancement was rather painful.

We are actually talking about a leader who understands his mandate and have striven to provide the necessary welfare to uplift the living standards of the people. We must not forget in a hurry the many interventions of the administration of Gov ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the health sector. It is important to mention that in the heat of COVID-19 brouhaha, governor Ugwuanyi paid allowances to the health workers that lasted for upward of one year when other states, including the Federal Government had withdrawn the payment to its own workers. Today Poly clinic Asata, Uwani Health Center all in Enugu has been transformed into General Hospitals. There has been massive renovation /reconstruction at
Udi, Awgu, Nsukka, Enugu-Ezike General Hospitals, School of Midwifery, Awgu as well as the phenomenal progress in the construction of permanent site of ESUT Teaching Hospital at Igbo-Eno and the building of new General Hospitals in different Local Governments areas in the state that are ready for commissioning. All these interventions in one fell swoop and at this critical period of economic low down and social upheavals.

Governor Ugwuanyi himself must be an extraordinary leader and equally phenomenal. A leader like him should be our portion every day. So help us God, Amen.


Bibian Anekwe News added – “A boss has the title, a leader has the people”.

Written by
Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

A Public Affairs Commentator.Media Team Member of ENUGU DI N’AKACHUKWU MOVEMENT


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