The greatest wealth is health, that is according to a Roman poet,Virgil.
A journey into the health sector as embarked by Rt.Hon ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi,encapsulates the pursuit of administration’s objective in revamping and revitalizing the State’s health sector.
For many decades,our state’s health facilities had suffered a worrisome decay and dilapidation,owing to,an abysmal neglect and habitual lack of care by the past successive governments.
Manifestly,disturbed by the palpable state of our state’s health care system,Governor Ugwuanyi ploughed into amending and bringing soccur to the neglected and abandoned Health infrastructures in the State,mostly,ones situated in rural areas.

In pursuit of his Administration’s determination to raise the standard of Health care system and strengthen the Health care delivery,he assented to the State’s Health Sector Reform bill passed by the state’s legislature. New components were injected and integrated into the law so as to repackage and replace the district Health system introduced by the colonial government.

Notwithstanding,the economic challenges faced in the country,our amiable Governor had continued to dispel his magnanimity by launching N200 million Healthcare scheme in a bid to revitalize our failing healthcare system.

Recall,since,the inception of the State,our State’s Medical Practioners has not had it this way before. Their remuneration are paid as and when due.
As witnessed in other sectors,an era of Industrial action was brought to an end. All this and more, are visible pointers to that His Excellency,Rt.Hon ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has been, up and doing and had not abated in his concerted resolve in maintaining a healthy and cordial rapport with the State’s Health workers

Covid- 19,an outbreak,which exposed the vulnerability of public healthcare globally and reinforced the imperative for creating a robust attention to the health sector. Given the foreknowledge of Governor Ugwuanyi who believes, it is better to arrest a situation by nipping it in the bud, considerably, addressed the deficit funding faced by the state’s Health sector which has helped revamped the State owned General hospitals across the state.

The Governor had continued to receive accolades for going by the standard and requisite Medical staffing which according to National Bureau of Statistics report,Enugu state’s doctor-patient ratio of 1:1,812 is the fourth best in the country.

Recently,in the last few months,Governor Ugwuanyi’s Administration embarked on construction of Modern Primary Health care facilities in seven(7) Local Government areas across the State. The beneficiary council areas are Udenu,Ezeagu,Uzo-Uwani,isi-Uzo,igbo-etiti,Nkanu and igbo eze south LGA.

Who can do better than Gburugburu? Old Poly clinic,upgraded to a status of a General Hospital,390 Primary healthcare facilities resurrected,43 cottage hospitals received new life,Awgu General Hospital and School of Midwifery,Awgu regained it’s lost glory. Others include Colliery Hospital,Enugu received an unprecedented makeover and Udi General Hospital,not excluding others,got His Excellency’s maximum attention.

The recent commencement of immunization campaign in the state is testament to his determination to protect the good people of Enugu State.

Evidently,the proactive and responsive intervention of our amiable Governor in curtailing the dreaded covid-19 outbreak, has shown that he is not only administratively in charge, but also,he is clinically,in control.

Ilozuru Gibson Uchenna
Media Team Member: Enugu di n’akachukwu movement


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