Abakpa Nike T-Junction flyover and the dangers of a one sided narrative


In eight different passages that span through old and new covenants, the bible urged that two or three witnesses must agree for confirmation of any truth or falsehood to be established (Det. 17:6, Det. 19:15, Matt.18:26, Jn. 8:17, 2Cor.13:1, 1Tim. 5:19, Heb. 10:28, Rev. 11:3).

Arising from the disturbing narrative peddled via a viral video to the effect that the first ever government constructed fly over bridge undertaken by Ugwuanyi’s administration has cracked even before it is put to public use compelled the Executive Committee of the ENUGU DI N’AKACHUKWU MOVEMENT (EDNAC) Support Group to mobilize to the site of the ultramodern road structure to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of the claims of the mischief makers.

It is important to appreciate the fact that Ndi Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement aside the fact that it was birthed primarily to support the good governance initiative of the Ugwuanyi administration, it has since transformed to a formidable grassroots Mobilization group to help push the trajectories of good governance initiated by Gov. Ugwuanyi administration or any other leader who supports good governance in all ramifications. It is note worthy therefore, that this noble objective has been the guiding light that has made this group led by the indefatigable grassroots mobilizer, Hon. Bibian Ebere Anekwe so thick.

In a viral video and other sundry acerbic commentaries by virtual urchins, the administration of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was heavily criticized for a poor showing of the T-junction Flyover Bridge under construction. A viral video had specifically filmed a 3 meter crack at the ramp alleging that the bridge could not be trusted for public use. It is equally important to appreciate the fact that the construction company handling the project has since corrected the warped perception about the seeming crack noticed at the ramp, explaining that it was a normal occurrence when there is high sand filling when a road is being constructed. The construction company however added that there is no cause for alarm as the crack would be fixed before the formal Commissioning and that Ndi Enugu should go to bed with confidence that the flyover bridge will forever be in good condition.

Knowing Governor Ugwuanyi as he is and as one who despises mediocrity, the Officials of Enugu Di n’aka Chukwu movement in conjunction with objective minded citizens mobilized to the construction site on a fact finding mission. For sure, Gov. Ugwuanyi can never allow his people to be shortchanged let alone allow their lives to be put to danger. It will only take him a few words to order the contractor back to site, once there is noticeable issues or complaints of a shoddy job done.

What the delegation of the Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement and the critically unbiased citizens of the state saw at the construction site was simply a marvel. The accompanying  journalists were equally over awed by what they saw. Not only was the claims of the critics false, the T-Junction flyover and the road compartments were about the best road construction project, east of the Niger. It was solidly built, integrally paved up with nylon coal tar and elegantly concretized on stone-base chippings, to ensure it lasts beyond succeeding generations.

To consolidate the agreement of their witness with evidence, as the holy book cited above directed, the group stood there, sang solidarity songs, danced, snapped pictures, made live videos and streamed the entire project in live feeds on the fringes of internet for the world to see and confirm their findings. With pride, that the road finishing was superb and represents the quality, Gov. Ugwuanyi was known for, the leader of the group, the irrepressible Dame Bibian Anekwe, addressed them, there, and her speech was relayed live as well.

As their reports went viral across the state, I was among those who was not surprised. I watched the interview session some journalists had with the expatriate engineers that handled the project a month ago. I have seen the road and the accompanying flyover personally. I have used the road for more than two weeks while cynics went to town with their mischief to discredit the governor and the construction company that built it. That was when I cringed with the false narrative and concluded that it could only be the handiwork of cheap propagandists.

But there should be limits to political propaganda. Our people should learn to respect the sacrosanctness of truth. How could someone soundly sleep at night, after controverting a fact and causing mischief by the day? Those who peddled this rumour were supposed to be behind bars for misleading some fractions of the public. But no, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is an accommodating leader with fatherly affection. He allows everyone the space to express his/her views, because surely time and events will coincide to vindicate the truth.

The inspection tour of the sites by the Enugu Di N’akachukwu Executives also gave further insights into why the road could not be dualized as naysayers pushed. Enugu has master plan. Gov. Ugwuanyi doesn’t execute project without strict compliance with the subsisting master plan of the city. The road was originally mapped for a single lane, and doing otherwise would amount to destroying other infrastructures and inflict undue pains on people’s investments within the vicinity.

We should learn that governance doesn’t go with emotions. It is carried out with meticulous rationality. As a seasoned and experienced administrator and prudent manager of public resources, Gov. Ugwuanyi carries out all development projects, within the confines of the city’s plan. He is always circumspect to avoid undue clash of interest from and among members of the public

As noted earlier, the witnesses of the group’s delegates to the site were loud affirmation that truth cannot be controverted by the falsehood of propagandists. It is also a further proof that no matter how long lies lasts in public domain, truth will always overrun it.

As usual, in the end, Ndi Enugu will see that their state is truly in the hands of God.

Reported by
Hon Bibian Anekwe

Bibian Anekwe News


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