Awgu Local Government and that vote of confidence on Gov. Ugwuanyi


The concept of vote of confidence is essentially to express profound trust in a person or group of persons whose actions are seen to be impactful on the environment in which they live or dwell. The confidence so explicitly expressed by the people who were affected by the sterling performances of such person or persons is meant to buoy the person or persons to continue with their good deeds. A vote of confidence therefore is an expression of appreciation on individuals who are seen to be doing or have done good. While no confidence vote is a mark of disappointment on an individual’s performances. It is important to note that passing vote of confidence on individuals in our clime has become somewhat politicized to some extent. Of course, one would want to argue that politics is everything in our clime. It is on record that non performers or leaders in a bid to buoy their ego have often times rented crowd to chant their undeserved praises. Competent and performing individuals or leaders believe solely in their service contract with the people to upscale their performances which more often than not elicits genuine praises from the people who have been impacted positively.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State is one leader who is a class of his own. His developmental strides across all divides in the entire state speaks volumes of a man in tune with his service compact with the people. Day in and out, his good governance initiatives stares the citizens in the face. He is not in the mould of political leaders who would normally rent crowd to chant his praises. Whatever confidence the people have reposed or continued to express in the governor is a true reflection of his administration led good governance. QED!

Recently, the entire Awgu Local Government constituency took a bold step to express an unwavering confidence in the administration of governor Ugwuanyi for what they termed qualitative and equitable governance in Enugu state especially in their own constituency. It was an assemblage of who is who in Awgu local government including the Chief Whip of the state House of Assembly, Hon. Mrs. Jane Eneh, another representative from the area, Hon. Johnson Chukwuobasi, Messrs Ugonna Ibeh and Obi Kama, Honorable Commissioners for Culture and Tourism and Science and Technology respectively, the Mayor of the Local government, Hon. Okwudili Nwankwo (Eze Ome-Ogo), other political appointees from the area, business men and women, and numerous party faithfuls and other individuals.

It was a solidarity forum in support and appreciation of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s inclusive governance which they asserted have restored their confidence and trust in participatory democracy. The people of Awgu were exceedingly happy as observable from their mien that Ugwuanyi is a miracle to Ndi Enugu as well as a leader who stood up justice, fairness and equity in the distribution of democracy dividends to Ndi Enugu. In one accord, the people in their numbers reiterated their confidence in his administration and pledged their total and unalloyed support, declaring that where he goes shall they go also, and where he stands in political scheming shall they stand also. “We are proud of you and your accomplishments in office” they chorused.

Enugu State is truly in the hands of God!

Bibian Anekwe News…added….A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

Written by

Emma Chukwu

A Political Analyst
Media Team Member: Enugu di n’akachukwu movement


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