ENUGU 2023: What else is left for the enemies of Ndi Enugu?


Until the enemies of the people admit that their time is up, they will continue to try new tricks. Until they realize that the people they work hard to hoodwink have become wiser, so long they will continue to rabble rouse in the media spaces and elsewhere. Not that they really deserve to be paid any iota of attention less they become head-swollen and assume such importance which they are not worthy of, yet it is important to make them realize that they at best profiled as empty barrels which makes the loudest noise. We equally know that these emergency social media hawks are just struggling to eke out a living. So it is better to let them be but they should be advised to tread with caution. The handkerchief with which one used in cleaning the bum-bum might be used in wiping the face tomorrow (Apologies to Mr. Robert Mugabe, the late President of Zimbabwe).

The malicious narrative on the media super highway to the effect that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State had or is planning to impose a successor to his coveted office is what has elicited this rejoinder. It may not have worth replying, but it is important to underscore the mindset of a leader who since assumption of duty in 2015 have never left anyone in doubt about his goals and aspirations to run a participatory democracy where citizens and relevant stakeholders could have their say on how they are governed or how they wish to be governed. Now, the enemies of the people are at it again doing what they know how to do. The more they engage in their inglorious infamy, the more they are are unveiled, the more they sought for more cover to do their woes. But they already know that they are fighting a loosing battle. Governor Ugwuanyi is like a light put on the surface of the table to shine forth for both the good and the bad elements in the society. Governor Ugwuanyi is a typical “Mmiri enwe ilo”. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is for everyone and for no body (Apologies President Mohammed Buhari).

Governor Ugwuanyi understands the  tenets of democracy. His general peaceful mien has marked him out as a leader who value the inputs of stakeholders to create harmony and tranquility in the socio-polity. Pray, why would some hirelings allow themselves to be purveyors of malice and hate against the people’s Governor? Why would they walk about with gong-in-hands announcing that the peace loving governor had hand picked Mr Peter Mbah to succeed him in office. Is it a subtle means of cajoling the Governor to do their bidding in spite of the overwhelming evidence that governor Ugwuanyi is a man of principle? Ndi Enugu can never be hoodwinked by the antics of these no do gooders. Governor Ugwuanyi as stated earlier has always allowed the people’s preferred choice to prevail in the selection and election of political office holders since he has been calling the shots from the Lion Building.

Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is not the type that make noise nor responds to every shenanigans because he refused to be distracted from leaving Enugu far more better than he met it. Unlike most of his counterparts who spend much on media propaganda to decieve the people, He is a silent but a mega achiever that sets records others strive to reach. I shall take out time some day to highlight on some of his landmark projects that litter every part of Enugu State since his emergence as the Governor. His milestones is clearly on a state of it’s own.

Politics is not everything. No one should take Ugwuanyi’s peaceful mien as weakness and start dishing out falsehood to set the Governor against the people. But they will surely fail. Let them try more from the baggage of their tricks. They will surely to their consternation observe Ugwuanyi triumph and put them to perpetual shame.

I’d like to advise those who might be threatened by Peter Mba’s aspirations or any candidate for that matter to continue to pray for the will of God to prevail when the party primaries are finally held as scheduled.

Ndi Enugu please let us remain focused with eyes on the ball. We have struck a great deal with Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi ever since we voted him in as our Governor and we will not regret his decisions. Those who peddle these cheap lies against the people’s governor do not meant well for Ndi Enugu, let us vehemently refuse reintroduction god-fatherism in Enugu state politics in this modern time. We should not allow investor-politicians to milk us through benumbed and brainless individuals who have no worthy vision.

Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has refused to be  decieved against what is right, that is why they are chasing him around with sledge hammer. They will not succeed.

Ndi Enugu are convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that these e-rats are being used by forces beyond them to lie against the governor and to scuttle the political stability and peaciful environment Ndi Enugu enjoy today.

Enugu State Is In The Hands Of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “Leadership is not wielding authority. It is empowering people”.

Written by
Nnamdi Igwebuike



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