Enugu Is Beautiful With Her Governor And Hon. Chukwuemelie Agu, Managing Director, Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHD Corp)


Philosophically, there is considerable mark of distinction between every successive governments which are variously appreciable in their respective accomplishment. A major factor equally, is governance approach imbibed that ultimately etches in gold letters titles to leadership laurels clutched eventually. Like veterans, who retire willy-nilly while the war grows violent, same way government comes and goes. The point of divergence however, is drawing energy from and consolidating on earlier government foundations, holding on to the status quo or upturn it whenever deserved.

An Enugu State diaspora who has kept off from the Enugu Urban City for a year or two would employ the services of assessor to locate his hometown otherwise the police would do some combing exercise to bridle the straying fellow.
Enugu State is increasingly undergoing picasso modernized carving, beautiful estates spring up overnight to meet the shelter needs of the high and mighty with special biasness and moral inclination to upend the pitiable homeless condition of the masses under the towering government of His Excellency Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi

Ugwuanyi upon stepping on the state steamer during his inaugural address slipped housing projects as one of his major manifestos, then pessimist took him to the cleaners for mouthing what seemed infeasible and utopian. Reasons vigorously canvassed by this critics where insolvency or maybe the governor will abscond responsibility from such lofty pie in the sky policy as with the case of unfinished Estates before his emergence as the substantive governor of the state, few kilometers after Ogwuogo Nike. However, the governor has remained unflappable, evenly keel and resolved to have every lines of his manifestos executed even as flummoxed politicians kept effort in rocketing tantrums and pelting diminutive pebbles to capsize the state vessel, but the anointed captain Ugwuanyi with his painstakingly handpicked crew are in the habit of deftly navigating the odds.

One of Ugwuanyi’s crew members is Hon. Chukwuemelie Agu, MD Enugu State Housing Development Corporation. Hon. Agu since ascending office has by his array of projects in estate construction and pervadingly housing delivery proved himself worthy the office he occupies. His performances are precise and exact to the gauge of state intervention in housing development. The recent delivery of WTC Estate which sits in the innards of Enugu Metropolis sharing space with the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus(UNEC) is a thing of celebration that can effortlessly unpurse tourist lips in wondrous mind drift.

WTC Estate has a whopping capacity of 1500 persons in neatly spaced apartments with classic facilities at affordable cost, water reticulation and shopping centres. Equally, the Hon. MD Agu, really ran his expertise for public consumption in housing and planning via the arrangements of internal road networks and unblinking electricity provision. This writer dreads the possibility of wards of WTC Estate who may grow unaware of NEPA(a household name) complications nationwide.
Again, the recreational centres are quite alluring and titillating even irresistible with bevy of skillfully trimmed flowers adorning inhouse boulevards. A tower view of the whole landscape would reveal various security infantries formations on guard against children of perdition.

It’s no argument that housing problems constitute to civil unrest ruling our days as many go about with no nest to lay their head or weazened bodies plus family’s expectations. Civil servants are the worst blighted. Imagine, a worker after a hectic day in the office left hamstrung in a traffic jam while rushing home. My experience at Liberty Abakpa Nike, to NOWAS then to Old Park still roves freshly in the mind. Argonizenly, we were held up immobilized from 8pm to 11pm ; most of the plyers(government workers) were heading to their respective remotest villages from whence they come for public duties. At times, in our routine show of bigmanism, you may get hunk off by reckless parking followed with absurd reticence of the driver scornfully trashing every little agitation to clear out.

Back to the people’s Governor whose compassionate preoccupation continues to inform provisions of viable citizens necessities of which shelter enjoys a pride of place, and also his affable worthy Hon. Chukwuemelie Agu, MD Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC), we say “obrigado” like the portuguese for giving us a house and a home.
Housing importance can never be underestimated in any lively economy. It helps government and her citizens safe for the rainy days, ensure steady discharge of public services by workers and makes low income earners home owners in a short period of time. Citizens drool for more from performing Governor.

Bibian Anekwe News…added..Today, more than ever, Enugu State have political leader ( Gov. Ugwuanyi) who can see the big picture, who understand the relationship between the economy and its environmental support systems

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