Enugu state tourism/economic potentials – Governor Ugwuanyi, the man behind the mask


29th day of May 2021 may be just another date in history. Perhaps, the most commonly associated landmark with 29th of May came earliest when trajectories into the new democratic experience went off in 1999. It was the day which ushered in new democratically political leaders across all levels of government in Nigeria after the turbulent years of military misadventures in the polity. Again it must be remembered that 22 years down the road in our democratic experience, there have been more turbulence in the polity occasioned on the one hand by the misapplication of common wealth by the self centered and Egocentric leaders and the attendant spiraling economic hardships. Amidst this seemingly volatile political economy and the oft temptation to lump all political leaders as united in their Egocentricism, few leaders have been seen to stand out like a Northern star and have remained largely constant in the delivery of their mandate to the people and in a positive way.

It could not be denied that his Excellency, the governor of Enugu state is within the folds of selfless leaders whom God is massively using as a tool to upscale the economy of Enugu State. Governor Ugwuanyi is just six years old as the helmsman of Enugu State, but the visibility of the state has towered above her peers via people oriented programs, his administration has initiated and executed in the last six years. Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration have become increasingly synonymous with one accomplishment or the other on daily basis.

While the people gathered to propose a toast to a selfless and a humble leader on the 29th day of May 2021, governor Ugwuanyi have another joker up his sleeve. He led all lovers of good government on a journey that elicited wide jubilation across the state. The initiation, execution and commissioning on this date, the Enugu Unity Park reflects his nature as a consummate naturalist, historian and a type 4 personality. The excitement of the people stems from the fact that Enugu is on the verge of reclaiming its pride as a state rich in recreational attraction and a pride of the Eastern region.

Enugu Unity Park was therefore purposefully built to reinvent, upscale and reassert Enugu as a tourism estate of the South East. Although, government noted that urbanization played critical roles in watering the once Flourishing tourist havens scattered across the state, government is no longer prepared to abdicate it’s responsibilities in creating an enabling atmosphere and ambience for critical thinkers, fun seekers and all categories of persons who might have one reason or the other to make use of the Unity Pack. A significant feature of the landmark project is the sculpture of a giant roaring Lion situated at the entrance of the Park and estimated to be the world’s largest animal sculptured image anywhere in the world. A bold statement indeed!

Commissioning the legacy project on Saturday, the 29th day of May, 2021, the governor reiterated that the Park which is for the public use for tourists and place for relaxation has kept his administration’s urban renewal drive alive and called on the good people of Enugu State to see the new Park as an opportunity to relive the past when city urbanization had not obliterated our Recreation Areas and equally reflected government’s usual responses to the yawning gap in the lifestyle of the Coal City dwellers.

The Park which has a reinforced concrete pedestrian walkway measuring about 1.9 kilometers, monumental concrete roaring lion sculpture measuring 42 feet high, 72 feet long and 24 feet wide aired-conditioned spacious interior that seats about fifty (50) persons, and a large water pond deep enough to offer the hydrodynamics for boat riding, among other interesting features has been adjudged another government bold effort to reinvent the tourism and economic potentials of the coal city state.
Mr. Project, Mr Fulfilment, Ifeanyi Nw’Ugwuanyi dalu leke oru. De’eje!
May your kind continue to avail us in Enugu both now and in the coming years. Iseeeee!!!
Enugu state remains in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News…added…Hard work is an essential element in tracking down and perfecting a strategy or in executing it.

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