Enye ndi Ebea! literally stands for equity and fairness in a political society. Political conflict in Africa largely occur due to the inability to consider equity, justice and fairness in the distribution of political positions or democracy dividends. Inordinate ambition of some politicians who would always want to have their way or lord it over others in a bid to have a perpetual grab of a political position had equally fueled political conflicts in our clime. The struggle for power in Africa maybe attributed to the famous dictum of Kwame Nkrumah, the former Ghanaian President when he says “seek political power first and other things will be added unto you” which has revealed why ethnic groups and individuals have struggled to grab power at all cost.

Africa has been plagued by profound crisis of leadership, which has had dire consequences for peace and development. This has become so perennial that it is now a political pathology generically associated with Africa. It’s dominant characteristics include inordinate ambition to stay in power indefinitely; sit-tightism; deceit; greedy and sectional politics. This has retarded our political development since the maintenance cost to remain in power indefinite is the blood of the innocent people whom one claim to be representing.

Against this backdrop that zoning has been conceptualized as a major tool in maintaining the tripod of political peace of equity, fairness and justice among the societal constituents, there are arguments for or against the concept but whatever point one has, it’s benefits cannot be over emphasized especially in our political clime where political greediness, sit-tightism and it must be me becomes the order of the day. Zoning has been tested in the grassroots level and the outcome is political peace and it has also been applied in a complex environment, the outcome is political peace and harmony. It is now time to codify zoning in our constitution to strengthen our political inclusiveness.

In Enugu State, the nearly 7 years of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi has normatively indoctrinated zoning principle at all levels of government which has contributed to political peace and stability we all are enjoying today and we cannot afford to mess it up. Any attempt at jettisoning what is currently working for the people will inadvertently  take us back to the era of Tigbuo; Zogbuo politics.

However, Senator Utazi who dropped his ambition of going back to the Senate which would have been his third outing has set a political pace worthy of emulation just to maintain zoning structure. If other politicians will emulate him, it will not only strengthen bridges of understanding but will further create political harmony, even development and stability of all factors of social interaction.

Ndi baanyi, as the primary election of our great party PDP is fast approaching, let the delegates maintain the zoning arrangements in governorship position as Enugu East will produce the next governor of the State. This will maintain political peace in the State since we have smooth running of rotation without rancour or interference by other constituents. Zoning had been tested and had been adjudged to be the best instrument for political peace in our political system. It is a duty call for all the compatriots of Enugu State for total support Gov. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi as he will soon name his successor. It is our prayers that God’s wisdom and grace will never depart from him through out his life time.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “As a leader your every action has a consequence, make sure it is one you intend”

Written by

Jude Chijioke Achu



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