Ezimo Carnival Tour 2021


The enchanting beauties of Ezimo waterfalls are not ordinary. The beauties rise from the entrance of the wavy build up of kaolin with your body splashed with soothing breeze fanned off by the falls. Even from a 150 meters your sweaty body is soaked up like you were thrown into a mini room with 15 horsepower air-conditioner. It simply ravishes. And as you step in to behold the breathtaking fall from a height of over 200ft, you are sucked in into an eerie feeling as if you were in heaven. It is electric. Then comes the boom; the intermittent gushing and reclining. It is sexy.

Ezimo waterfall has this impressive power and beauty of nature rolled into one. With the water shimmering and falling, breaking into a thousand shards of spray a song rises in your heart.
Even as the crashing water scares it attracts your soul, entwining its hands around your waist, ministering healing.

The Great Russian poet, writer and painter Mikhail Lermontov must have had Ezimo waterfall in mind when he compared waterfalls with human soul –says he, “Many quiet rivers start from noisy waterfalls, but none of them jumps and does not foam up to the sea. But it is often a sign of great peace of mind, and hidden forces…”

Indeed that is the magic of Ezimo waterfall.

Would you be planning to be left out of this year’s tour? That would be one hell of mistake your soul won’t forgive… Lets go wrap bodies in the warm embrace of this magic fall.

Come treat yourself and loved ones to a cognac of Poetry; the water symphony by respected Poets, well spiced and marinated fish, Chicken and goat Barbecue by the Old Skool Generation Spot Lagos/ Enugu, frothing palm wide and dead cold beer. Much more for the xmas….

Date; 27th December, 2021
To participate call: kachi 07031084581 Peter 08038200887


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