Fuel Scarcity: Get Fresh Loan To Fix Nigeria’s Refineries – Cleric Urges FG


President Muhammadu Buhari has been advised to take fresh loans from anywhere possible to urgently fix all Nigeria’s refineries.

Bibian Anekwe News reports that the advise is to coming amid recurring fuel price increases and scarcity in the country.

As of December 2021, Nigeria’s debt stock under the All Progressive Congress, APC administration was pegged at N38 trillion, this represents N5 trillion increase from its previous N33 trillion as of December 2020.

However, due to the fuel crisis in the country, the spiritual head of Hour of Mercy Prayer Mountain Worldwide, Prophet Muyideen Kasali, admonished the incumbent government to secure fresh loans to fix the nation’s refineries.
Speaking on the political atmosphere, Kasali urged Nigerians not to solely rely on zoning in the 2023 presidential poll but to continue to pray to God for a president that will lead with the interest of the people at heart.

Bibian Anekwe News understands that the cleric made the call while speaking at the end of a one-month prayer and fasting programme of his ministry.

Stressing further at the event held annually to mark his birthday, the cleric said the only solution to the fuel crisis is to fix the refineries once and for all no matter what it will cost.
According to him, fuel subsidy as introduced even by successive governments among many policies has only worsened situations.

Prophet Kasali said, “They said the fuel subsidy will be removed, but what relief has that brought to the people over the years?

“Instead of looking for short term solution, they should do the needful by fixing the ailing refineries to save us of this mess.
We are known for getting loans for almost everything, if we can get a loan to execute our railway project, let them get loans to fix the refineries and people will appreciate the essence when everything is working effectively.

“They are now blaming the increase in oil price in the world market to the Russia- Ukraine war, but we still take our oil to the foreign lands for refining and get it back at a higher price, if we have our refineries working, there won’t be a need for that”.

Kasali’s words on the issue of 2023 presidency zoning read: “We should seek God’s face in prayers to choose for us. A political leader should be a servant to the leader.
A God chosen man will love the people, do what God asked him to do for his people and will not listen to any contrary advice even from his so-called aides and assistants.

“Our leaders don’t want to give an account of their stewardship. When we waged war against corruption, corruption immediately fought back. Who should we run to now if not God, when law enforcement agents are being arrested for corrupt practices”.

Speaking of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Kasali said the development was to teach the world a lesson and will not lead to the third world war as being insinuated in some quarters.
He said: “When Covid-19 came in 2020, there was no war then. The entire world including the two warring countries never learned any lesson from that.

“All countries threatening war can’t do anything, the creator of the world is not ready to end it. He owned all these science and technology. Whatever happened will only reduce the world’s population. God has not given the power to anybody to destroy the world”.

Bibian Anekwe News


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