In the annals of our ancient folklores, it is submitted that the accomplishments or otherwise of an individual always sound prominent in  the drumbeat of the drummers. That is to say that the activities of a person won’t be found missing each time his story is being tabled. (Hon.Mrs Bibian Anekwe ) as close observers of Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s government in Enugu state, some of us have decided not to relent in giving honour to whom it is due by acknowledging the unique leadership qualities exhibited by the governor. The recent and sustained massive Covid 19 palliative distribution powered by the Ugwuanyi’s administration has in addition to other enviable epithets earned the governor another outstanding title as the PALLIATIVE GOVERNOR.

Apart from the right round provision of several forms of incentives and palliatives throughout the seventeen local government councils of the state through the instrumentality of the council chairmen, Gburu Gburu has taken a step further by extending the act to some unions and organisations. For instance, The Radio Television and Theatre Arts Workers’Union(RATTAWU) got their own and of course, the beneficiaries have continued to express their gratitude as the humanitarian move will in no small measures cushion the excruciating effects of the global pandemic .  In a similarly unprecedented manner, the governor also accommodated the cab/taxi drivers in the state within the loop of magnanimity and as characteristic of our grateful people, the union’s leadership led by Comrade Samuel Ajogwu has not failed to testify and appreciate the governor.

Though, the political classic book ” The Prince”  written by Niccolo Machiavelli in the famous chapter sixteen pinpointed and  recommended that being generous as a PRINCE which figuratively translates to a leader is quite a step so dangerous as it often leads to unnecessary hatred among his subjects, Gburu Gburu took the other direction perceiving that being parsimonious as a leader will lead him to the side of the coin which is ignominy decided to thread the  path where other leaders and rulers will hardly dare to follow by unrepentantly engaging in a magnanimous voyage as he continues blaze trail in effective palliative distribution.  This is why even the tricycle riders popularly known as Keke Riders Union have also benefitted from the liberality of the governor as the man who is literally becoming an embodiment of palliative decided to assuage the riders’ discontent by making provision of food items to them in addition to the dissolution of the task force that have been contributing to the misery of the Keke Riders in the state by demanding high payment from them.

Ordinarily, an average leader who takes the Machiavellian road of”generosity” would as a matter of fact resort to tax inflation in order to raise the necessary funds meant to sustain his magnanimity but due to glaring reality that Gov. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi is a figure whose eminence is undoubtedly above average, he has suprisingly further waived 50% discount for barely all the tax payers in the state , ranging from Personal Income Tax, Market Tax to Capital Gains Traders’s Tax. How else do you want me to describe the soul that sees his true existence as subsumed in the humanity, experience and expectations of others? Would any rational COMPOS MENTIS blame me for subscribing to the worldview that Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; the executive governor of Enugu  State is not just a quick fix at the doorstep of the masses but indeed a personification of the most commonly used Covid 19 remedial term: PALLIATIVE?

Enugu state is in the Hands of God.




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