In politics everyone is significantly driven by the quest to satisfy his or her interest which might be personal or shared among a group of people and as the political atmosphere of Nigeria cannot be guaranteed currently, not to be vulnerable to some remarkably unstable conspiracies that creates a wobbly reflection of both the leaders and the led, I see the time is auspicious for us to make our submissions without any iota of negligence. As I launch my feelings and thoughts in black and white, I agree to shoulder every form of feedback that might arise from my timely exhortation that the interest that should drive Nigerian electorates in the wake of 2023 general election should cross the borders of personal or even tribal interest to create a nexus that can straighten our narratives in the comity of other nations.

I know it is time to search for a detribalized Nigerian who would think along with the people and not for the people. I sense it is time to seek not just a youthful but a youth-friendly personality who can conveniently bridge the gap between the old and the young. I hope it is the time to seek for the emergence of a soul that would appreciate and harness the ideals of the females in politics and government without scandalous filterings.

At this stage, Nigerian electorates would be searching for a mind that is acclimatized with the digitalism of the global village and is ready to flow along with the waves of advancement in our continually evolving world. Nigerians certainly will not be looking for a conservative mind.

As this 2023 approaches, I will not need to be tutored that the person that should handle the mantle of leadership in Nigeria should not be someone without track records and outstanding antecedent and pedigree in infrastructural development neither do I need to be reminded that we should be on the lookout for a leader with an outstanding balance sheet in economic management and development. Of course we need a technocrat who has the potential magic wand needed to infuse our economy with an invigorating viability that can sustain our local growth and development without depending on foreign aids.

Which Nigerian would not enjoy and entertain a president that would leave no stone unturned to ensure that the life and dignity of Musa in Borno State is protected and treasured as that of Odewale in Ogun State and Chukwemerie in Enugu State? Who does not need productive and empathetic leader?

I earnestly acknowledge that the model of leadership expected by Nigerians come 2023 is the sort of leadership influencing all with positive response through absolute respect for the autonomy or independence of every arm or tier of government so that the freedom of the common man can be guaranteed. I do not expect most patriotic and well-meaning Nigeria citizens to kick against against a leader with the positive vibes.

No one can confidently deflate the argument persuading us to admit that health is wealth, so, a society that cannot boast of a healthy population cannot claim to be wealthy. Therefore, do we need further persuasion to know that it is our precious opportunity to search during a general election for a candidate that has passion for functional health services and research? In such case the pitch of dissenting opinions would obviously be insignificant.

As I pause for a necessary intuitive interface, I know it would be a great undoing on my side if I fail to introduce a leader in possession of most of the qualities illustrated in the above-stringed premises; a leader whose steps are guided by the yearnings of his people; a leader whose life is a personification of the proverbial existence of water which relates with all without grudges or hostility; the first governor that demonstrated his conformity with the mores of his society by addressing the issues that led to the historic ENDSARS protest; the governor whose predisposition towards the 35% affirmative action on women involvement in government is second to none; a leader whose record in infrastructural development and enthronement of excellence is too outstanding to be ignored; a governor whose service and leadership can only be appreciated if he is entrusted with the epic responsibility of leading Nigeria as their president come 2023; a man with UBUNTU; Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, the executive governor of Enugu State.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long live Enugu State!






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