Gov. ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a man of character



It all started like tales out of the moonlight. When we were growing up, one of the favorite past times worthy of engagement of the local folks to relax after a hard and tortuous day on the farm was to sit out in the arena before the shining moon to crack jokes and relish the many antics of the old fox and the tortoise.
Of course, tales about these cunning species and the heroic deeds of others in the olden times often spiced with refreshing “salt and pepper” have always had the capacity to twist our young minds to believe even the most weird of these tales.
Just as Goebbels of the old Russian world would make us to understand… A lie repeatedly told over time will ultimately acquire a life of it’s own and pass as truth.
Politicians, political actors and most governments which tended to thrive on half truths have often explored this negative tool to hoodwink the not too lettered and the vulnerable in the society in other to pass blatant lies garbed in the robe of truth.

Propagandist dispositions wherever it is activated follows a simple strategic process. All the propagandist needs to activate a process of his or her perfidy is to concoct a lie, pass it on repeatedly and relentlessly through the media until the lie becomes believable. These days in the age of communication revolution where citizenship journalism is holding forth, one can almost sit in the comfort of his room to put it mildly or worse still when he or she has one more axe to grind with one or more of his or her political enemy would sit down to concoct  imaginary ostensibly perfidious scenes where only he or she is the sole actor and director. And to give vent to his or her troubled mind, would attempt to recruit like minded persons to endorse the perfidy and ask them equally to make it to go viral.

Well, making ostentatious lies garbed as news items go viral these days is like scooping a well rounded ball of “fufu” with a well cooked “ogbono soup” to go with to the back of the oesophagus in a jiffy. Gallop and hiccups is often eliminated. The viral lies making the rounds in most social media platforms and even the traditional media to the effect of the spurious acquisition of choice properties amounting to avarice on the part of the Executive governor of Enugu state, Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was what attracted my interest in this whole situation.
To admit that I cringed reading what really appeared to me like tales out of the moonlight in some of the platforms I belonged is just stating the obvious. I may not be profoundly close to his Excellency but like it is said in the local parlance… “a shit excreted physically can be differentiated from the one picked up by a leaf of a shrub”. One can almost sense the objective of the perfidy against Ugwuanyi even if one claim to be his unrepentant critic.
The antics of the Initiator of those lies against Ugwuanyi was as glaring as daylight that even some of the platform participants picked holes in the entire document and was so certain that the Initiator of the perfidy cannot be any good but one out on a mission to destroy and impugn the character of a man generally regarded as profoundly good, peaceful and humble.

Admittedly, positions of authority especially where one calls the shot and controls humongous financial resources can sadly turn a profoundly good man into a man of avarice and greed, I have taken my time to dig into some of the alleged acquisition of Ugwuanyi and found them laughable tales. My co participants on every platform where these allegations were posted repeatedly having picked holes in one two of the allegations were emphatic in their conclusions that the entire allegations can not hold water anywhere.
Expectedly, this must also be the position of every discerning mind. The allegations as being peddled and circulated amounts to pettiness of the highest order. One may not be entirely surprised by these flurry of allegations and hard biting knowing our political climate for what it is. It can only be about 2023 and associated game plan and horse trading. The strategy is simple. Clear the way of all impediments to access whatever position there is including character assassination. Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi may not have expressed any political aspirations post 2023 at the moment, but the game plan is to rubbish whatever good reputation about him or what he represents to enable the oppositional elements have their way. Thankfully, many discerning minds have actually read between the lines and whatever intentions of the perfidious elements is dead on arrival. Ndi Enugu cannot be fooled easily any longer. In fairness to Ugwuanyi, he has performed above average in the governance of the state and will leave a legacy that succeeding administrations will struggle to surpass if ever it would be matched.

Well, we will allow posterity to put him is his proper place. Only then would the antics of these perpetual detractors fit for the waste bin would be revealed. Let Enugu and her people remain in the hands of God, Amen…

Bibian Anekwe News added: ” A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion not position”.

Written by
©Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.
Public Affairs Commentator.


Bibian Anekwe News


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