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Ilozuru Gibson Uchenna

Conscious of the fact that road is the conduit of life’s crucially, contributes not in small amount to the economic development and growth of any nation. And as widely echoed in national debates endorsement of road based development becomes paramount because viable road infrastructures is and had always been an undeniable neccesity.

It is on the above highlighted importance that our impact making Governor deemed it right to step up to the undaunting task of giving to the State, the right as rain amenities,it so deserves.

A critical look at the commendable pace of road development in Enugu State would make manifest, a popularly celebrated character in the Chief Executive Officer of our dear State, Rt.Hon Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi (MR FULFILMENT) whom had not only made Enugu State stand out among the comity of States but has punched above his weight specifically in area of infrastructural development.

Evidently, It is on record that Governor Ugwuanyi initiated a programme tagged”Choose Your Project”. A policy designed to address the infrastructural deficit and other developmental challeges in the rural communities of Enugu State. In the course of its implementation over N5billion was approved and disbursed to address the demand. Communities spread across the 17 Local Councils of the State benefited from the programme and at the end 35 development projects was successfully executed signifying an unprecedented improvement.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi ,unlike other State Governors who Sit and Do Nothing especially after clinching on power for second roundoff of their tenure, proved more committed and determined. This is keenly demonstrated in the developmental projects he embarked on,after he assumed the No1 position in the State for the second term in office.

Lately, reconstruction of Oji River-Ugwuoba-Awka road has just began in earnest. A road which serves as an alternative route to age long dilapidated Enugu-onitsha Express way has found favour in the sight of our amiable Governor . Commendably,the hope of commuters has now been rekindled and it is a true confirmation that His Excellency,Rt Hon.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has come to serve.

Construction of Agbalaenyi junction-Enugu-Onitsha Expressway link road at Oji River LGA, is a tangible proof of his conscious and concerted efforts in raising the living standard of his people.

Inyi -Akpugoeze road in Oji river LGA which was then,an object of neglect and caricature had in the recent time become a regular itinerary not only for the travellers going to Anambra but also for the Agricultural merchants who throng at Akpugoeze to purchase farm produce in large quantities. This kind gesture remains a day dream to the people of the community.

Under the Rural Access and Mobility Project(RAMP),many roads across the State has been considerably invested in. An initial take-off construction work at Ugwuoba-Nkwere inyi-Akpugoeze road,had already sent a positive signal to the economy of the State. Ugwuoba,Nkwerre inyi and Akpugoeze, Communities in Enugu State which is widely known for its abundant deposits of Agricultural resources and an arable land and with a road network linking them,would not only create a robust economic expansion but in addition,would further enhance intra and inter-state movement of people including goods and services.

As part of measure to ensure adequate maintenance of roads in Enugu State ,Governor Ugwuanyi launched a programme tagged “Operation no Potholes” in the State. The programme which was targeted at reshaping our roads and eliminating potholes on the roads across the State , recorded a visible impact with roads in both Enugu metropolis and rural areas spread across the State benefitting.

A visit to an erosion ravaged Eha-ulo/Eha-etiti/Eha-Ndiagu-Mbu road,would leave one with an enduring amazement.

The 2019 report, by National Bureau of Statistics on State’s rank in internally generated revenue(IGR) positioned Enugu in the 9th position as the best performing State in the country. It is astonishingly unexpected,particularly to the some State Governors who were occupiedly,jostling for Federal government bailout funds while Gburugburu,the prudent and rock-steady Administrator was busy rewriting the wrongs of our past successive governments.

The clear difference, notwithstanding,bielded our goody-goody Governor,the more, to go beyond the marked lines by constructing roads spanning over 600 kilometres in Enugu State.

It is proven,that the Administration of our God sent Governor in 2020 budget earmarked after review a whooping sum of #76.584 billion for the year’s capital expenditure.
A rewarding allocation even in the face of the nation’s failing economy.

Summarily,If only roads have mouth,it would lend it’s voices in singing praises to Rt.Hon ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, Okwara Uzo na ime ikpa ndi Enugu State ( The way maker)


Written by

Ilozuru Gibson Uchenna


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