In Nigeria, since Independence, the country had produced many political leaders both in military regime and civilian era. These leaders contributed immensely to the progress and survival of Nigeria but not without faults found mostly in their divisive nature; anchored in ethnicity, nepotism, religion bigotry, sectionalism politics and throwing of instrument of merit to the waste bin etc. The aforementioned factors had been militating against the survival of this corporate entity.

Indeed, God brought governor Ugwuanyi(Mr Fulfilment) to show leadership example to Nigeria government which is practically shown that coexistence is possible through a continuous dialogue as examplified in the current administration in Enugu State . He continued to maintain his administration commitment on peacebuilding through which he used to unify forces/actors of interest in the state. Our leader introduced morality principle in the politics of the state which is guided by ethical conduct acceptable by all actors. He committed himself in investing on peacebuilding through reconciliation of all political actors in the state and tasked them to join in building the state of our collective dream. This is because his excellency strong believe in I am because we are; therefore we are because I am which literary means his desire for collective input of moving the state forward.

We all can attest the peaceful disposition of governor Ugwuanyi(Mr Fulfilment) whom upon his victory, started mobilizing everyone to work. His political sagacity is uncommon to Nigeria political history. He believes in Igwebuike which is a collective personhood aimed at actualizing a general goal that will be beneficial to all persons of goodwill. He believes that he cannot do it alone but needed everybody’s cooperation. This uncommon nature of the governor brought political resurgence and socio-economic emancipation the state is experiencing today.

In Enugu State, governor Ugwuanyi( Mr Fulfilment) who made peacebuilding the cardinal point of his administration rallied all the political gladiators of the state to his administration aimed at fostering unity of purpose. Upon his inception as the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party in 2014/15 primary/general elections respectively, he hurriedly reconciles the then governor of Enugu State Barr. Sullivan Chime and Senator Ike Ekweremadu whose rift was showed during a failed attempt to deny the later his senatorial ambition. This is the first action taken by governor Ugwuanyi. He builds his political carrier in good faith of unity is our strength and continued to ensure that there is peace in his administration. Governor Ugwuanyi sacrificed for the unity of his party And continued to build the party despite its lost in the centre. The political gladiators have in one occasion or the other describe the political sagacity of the governor as peaceful and accommodating. In his words, Senator Ike Ekweremadu said that “Ugwuanyi is a man of impeccable character, hardworking, bridge-builder and one politician with large heart who feels what the rich as well as the poor, feel”. In the words of the then governor Sullivan, he opined that “the trend within the PDP chapters across the country, is that the selection of governorship candidates ends up tearing the party apart with many losers decamping or forming parallel structures but in our own case, the reverse is the case: the election of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has acted as a catalyst to galvanize unity and support among the member of PDP in Enugu State”.

Mr. Fulfilment is akidi ama oke ala as he continued to build more bridges to all classes of people and various political units in the State. His early warning intervention is second to none in the country. He puts every machinery in motion in ensuring that peace reign supreme in the State. He geographically spread his appointments and social developments without dominance of one unit to the other and had given each zone fair representation in his government.

His Excellency ( Mr Fulfilment) deserved to occupy the number one position in Nigeria if PDP zone it to the South East or second citizen if the VP is zone to South East to enable him replicate what he did in Enugu State especially his political culture of Peace and dialogue in the national level. He is the kind of person Nigeria needs at the moment to unify the country and bring the actors together for more social cohesion and political inclusion. He is the new image of Nigeria Corporate Existence and we are with him.

BIBIAN ANEKWE NEWS added ” if we really want to restructure Nigeria.. Gov. Ugwuanyi should be elected as The President of Nigeria”

Wriiten By:

Jude Chijioke Achu


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