Gov Ugwuanyi and Youth O’clock ~Hands over LG Administration to the vibrant Youths



Since the inception of Enugu State, no administration have been as youth friendly as Gburu-Gburu, Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. From day one of his government, greater percentage of the youths population have featured prominently in his government. Enugu State have always had it so good that even during the incursion of khaki boys in the political administration, Enugu State got her fair share of youthful Governors.

On return to democracy in 1999, the first governor of Enugu State was less than fifty years. Since then, all other governors that came after him have been less than fifty years. Though in their appointments, they have often blended both the old and young but no administration have made it look more pronounced than Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration. For him, it is youth o’clock. It is heart warming to observe that he has not made a wrong policy decision to include 80%of the youth population in the governance of Enugu State.

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is one leader who is determined to change the perception about youths as only being good for thuggery and destructions but better species if they are productively engaged in governance. He knows that if the youths deploy their energy, sincerity and intelligence into governance the result will be exceedingly great. That is why he has brought them into government.

In the last two years, Gov Ugwuanyi blended the young and the old in the local government administration. Looking at the antecedents of their performance score sheets, he has gone full blast to involve energetic and futuristic youths who will run the affairs of the various local government areas in the state as the February 2022 local government elections draw closer. Almost all the standard bearers of the Peoples Democratic Party (the winning party) in Enugu State are youths. Most of their candidates are below 45 years. They are energetic, articulate and forward looking.

Youthful age is a bridge between the children/teens and the elderly. The youths understand both the language of the elderly and the young ones. They know the needs of both the young and the elderly. They are also not much encumbered by worries of life and are more focused than the aged. They are goal getters and intelligent marksmen. No wonder Ugwuanyi have so much confidence in them.

Check around the world, most youth leaders around the world are doing well, look at France, Britain, Germany, etc.
Even in the government cabinet in Enugu State here, there have been a blend of youths and elderly and they have not disappointed.
Look at State Assembly, ENSUBEB, Enugu SME Centre, Housing Corporation, Enugu Tech Hub, etc, the youths at the helm of affairs of these agencies have not disappointed the populace. That is why Gov Ugwuanyi want to go further by handing over local government administration to the youths. One thing that will happen is that there will be maximum security and massive investment in the state. The next two years in Enugu State will witness positive transformation and reasonable impact on the society.

How we wish that other state governments will look at Ugwuanyi’s example and follow suit. If the government at the center have appointed mostly youths in government, things may have turned out to be better for us.

We are grateful to Gov Ugwuanyi for such an enduring policy and is not ashamed to say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

  1. Bibian Anekwe News added: “Remember the difference between a Boss and a leader.       A boss say “Go!”   A leader says ” let’s go!”

Written by

Leonard Ugwu
A Political Analyst



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