Gov. Ugwuanyi – Still holding the dressing room


It is called scheming. Others might have considered it as a systematic study of the topography so as to stay afloat like the metaphor of centre of a circle and a circumference. The game sincerely, is more than what political dimwits can afford. It takes intelligence, diligence and hindsight to sniff likely huddles and then device means to level them.

Nigerian electioneering season and political taxonomy shares huge similarities with the chessboard game where only grand master coast home to victory. All kings must be of perfect stewardship prying on ever reclusive but inevitable sluggard movement of the queen. The game has from years established a truth that it has no space for people whose brain functions betray their desires when mostly needed to be on its best.

Like the trending South Korean survival drama television series, better known as Squid Game widely on display by giant production company, Netflix who reluctantly took interest in the producer’s script simultaneously trashed by many production companies. Fortunately, given the enormity of intelligent evocations depicted by the characters of that drama, Netflix professed how the drama seized almost 146million homes first week of her production and currently priding as the most watched series on Netflix surpassing 2020’s jaw dropping Bridgerton.

The very semblance to be drawn from the plot of those series and that of Nigerian political field of miracles is what can be best represented as accuracy in calculation. As advised by Robert Green in his “48 Laws of Power”, that one must plan all through the way to arrive at a desired end. The red and green lights are quite great indicators of no less consequences either gain or lose, they call it elimination.

The other day, at Eagle Square some metres away from the stool of Nigerian government, Asso Villa, was held the PDP National Convention engineered to rejig her internal administrative architecture, vide electing new officers. Earlier before the said convention, PDP the most pronounced opposition party to the ruling APC underwent locust of troubles that questioned her very foundation and nearly rent her asunder. It took grace to weather the raging storm and consequently Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, deputized by his Benue State counterpart, Governor Samuel Ortom was entreated to chair the party’s National Working Committee on zoning of executive offices in line with the party’s laid down rules and regulations, the odds of which favoured the North.

The peaceful and smooth conduct of the election owes much to Ugwuanyi’s human managerial savvy, unflinching belief in equity and fair play, which eventually arrested the whole drama as one of the finest gentleman from the North Central demography of the country emerged the national chairman. Senator Iyorchia Ayu features in the list of Nigeian highly priced technocrats who has in the service of his beloved nation carved a niche for himself. Ayu was a lecturer in the present day UniJos for couple of years before he ventured into political turf to impact his world and liberate his neglected people of Benue Valley from economic and infrastructural strangulation. The reputable chairman carried out various legal reforms while he presided over the red chambers as the president between 1992-1993 and indeed headed several ministries. Simply, Ayu excelled where others goofed. His competence and prudence must have courted Gov. Ugwuanyi liking, thus the strategic roles the latter played to Ayu’s effortless victory.

As noted earlier, it all boils down to ingenuity and innovation for public interest, which Ugwuanyi is famed. Some quarters after the election went parroting unpopularly what they viewed as irking equitable and moral sense of the nation, seeing flyers embossed with recurring images from the North angling for the Presidency coupled with chants and demostration by respective supporters, while none came from easterners. The home reality is that elections are not won by the proliferation of flyers or anything of literal effect but anchored on people’s choice. The people determine destination of their votes inspired by firm believe in competency and capacity to do the job against frivolous claims.
Currently, there is no governor in Nigeian polity whose name enjoys wide domestication, and in good light like Ugwuanyi. Youths that cut across ethnic and religious divides, from Kogi to Sokoto, Kaduna to Plateau joined to Igbo states had expressed their unsuilled wish that the people’s governor considers the nation’s top job come 2023.

In his speech during the convention, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe aptly captured the prevailing apprehension of the citizens and their earnest hunger for real change. Hear him, ” Today millions are following the proceedings of the convention because they are anxiously waiting for the outcome. They want to go away from cold-blooded and arrogant looting of APC to which only PDP can redress.”
With PDP having put its home in order, there no better way of assuring that in Ugwuanyi, there is a glimmer of hope in the distant horizon.

Hon.Mrs. Bibian Anekwe

SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement (DG)


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