Gov Ugwuanyi: The Start to Finish Manager



This piece is actually informed by what has somewhat become a big deal in this part of the world. What is actually ‘start to finish’?. While the meaning of this phrase might look simple in it’s face value, it becomes a bit more complicated when one would have explain in detail what is meant by starting off and finishing up. It could be starting a race, an event, a project or whatever. But the bottom line lies with finishing up successfully and not ending half way into what one has started. I have taken my time to lay this background to underscore the importance attached to completing a project one has started. It is therefore important to articulate a plan of action, prepare the budget for the execution of the plan. The budget could be in the form of funding, managing the material or human resources. The end result is often very important and therefore attracts more than a passing interest. Even the Holy Bible was emphatic that one should sit down to calculate the cost of one’s intended project before launching out.
But like I remarked earlier, starting a project and finishing successfully in our part of the globe in comparison to what is obtained in saner climes is somewhat a big deal.

Governments in the developing countries has often viewed initiating and escalating projects in their localities as a best means yet to announce their hold on what is actually their responsibility. Scant regard are often paid to the feasibility of the initiated projects, let alone it’s completion. Succeeding political leaders have often seen the politics of initiating a new project when they assume power order than completing the many unfinished project they might have inherited from their predecessors as an end game to boost their ego. In an unbridled attempt to discredit their predecessors, they end up initiating other government projects that might never breast the tape at the finish line. The result is many abandoned projects here and there in most of these developing nations.

Deriving from the foregoing, it remains grossly important to commend the efforts of the good shepherd of Ndi Enugu, Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi who remains largely visionful about where he wants to take Enugu to. A mission he has embraced and embarked upon with so much gusto. Governor Ugwuanyi has set a benchmark which might be a bit difficult for his successor in 2023 to surpass. Our hope and prayer remains that the good Lord unto His massive Hands Enugu State has been entrusted to will raise another David in the mould of Ugwuanyi to continue taking Enugu to greater heights.

Not quite a few citizens are highly impressed by the principles of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s good governance in Enugu. For one, his knack for initiating projects and working assiduously to complete them despite lean resources available at his disposal sets him out as a leader of the future. Enamored by this special attribute, the Nollywood king, Chief Pete Edochie sometimes this year remarked that governor Ugwuanyi is such a wonderful manager of resources and gave him a thumbs up for the many developmental projects he has initiated since the inception of his administration even as he expressed confidence that no single project he has initiated will be left uncompleted at the end of his tenure of office. It is therefore heart warming that governor Ugwuanyi has continued in this trajectory of ensuring that all his developmental projects are primed for the finishing line.

Gov. Ugwuanyi reiterated his administration’s commitment to start-to-finish policy when he inaugurated a 2.85km road Last Bus-Stop Abakpa Nike-Nkwo Nike Junction Road in Enugu East Local Government Area newly reconstructed by his administration to strategically divert traffic from the ongoing construction of the first Enugu State government’s flyover bridge at T-junction, Nike Lake Road. The said road according to the Enugu helmsman was deliberately conceived and executed by his administration to ease the traffic congestion in the area occasioned by the ongoing flyover bridge project.

Again it must added that the road project must be understood in the prism of the governor’s firm mission to revitalise parts of Enugu metropolis, facilitate investments, inspire private developments, stimulate economic growth and reinvigorate the urban renewal initiative. The road which cut across over eight communities in Enugu East LGA and was redesigned and reconstructed to standard single carriage way of 7.3m width with 2.5m wide shoulders on either side, with concrete lined drains and five culverts will continue to confound not quite a few critics about how Ugwuanyi has managed to remain a quintessential start to finish manager.
Enugu state is surely in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others like Gov. Ugwanyi makes it happen.”

Written by

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.



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