As the news of the ban on the operation of commercial tricycles and trucks in some designated areas of Enugu State which became necessary in the face of the rampaging and unending operations of some misguided persons designated as unknown gunmen in the affected zones which had resulted in an unexpected casualties , during and after the just concluded local government elections in Enugu; filtered through the waves, the people suddenly became alert and the unrepentant sophists to GBURU GBURU’s government somehow stumbled on a goldmine, but alas, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi within the shortest notice, once again became subdued by the overwhelming compassion defining his character and immediately got swayed by the yearnings of the those families whose income base would remain short lived by the sudden ban on those commercial means of transportation. GBURU GBURU once again demonstrated his listening skills oiled by timely and genuine feedback.

It is worthy to remember that the technocracy of GBURU GBURU actually engaged in a widespread consultation with the leaders of all those affected communities prior to the decision to ban the operation of both Keke and tippers in those areas, hence, the decision became a unanimous and popular one but following some meaningful intuition and candid intelligence diffusing from the general populace ; the ever responsive leadership of GBURU GBURU swallowed the bitter pill and lifted the ban on the operation of those affected unions in those affected areas while hoping that those affected by the initial ban would have learnt their lessons.

Nevertheless, the affected unions after due deliberations and diplomatic engagements with the characteristic listening government of Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, also publicly expressed their regrets over the involvement of some their members in the nocturnal activities of the bad eggs in our society and henceforth pledged to cooperate with the government in fighting crimes and insecurity in our dear state.

So, as the first major rain of the year generously wet our dry and dusty land, we once more acknowledge the calming sensation oozing out of the unique governor of Enugu State, GBURU GBURU as he characteristically demonstrated that the voice of the people is the voice of the God.

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Hon. Mrs. Bibian Anekwe.
The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Mobilization and Empowerment to Enugu State Governor.

Director General (DG) ; Enugu Di N’ Aka Chukwu Movement.


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