Governor Ugwuanyi and project Peace



It is an established fact that government exists to serve the interests of the people. Leaders who emerged courtesy of the people’s mandate understand that there exists key deliverables both tangible and intangible that should define every government in power. It is truly never enough to base the evaluation of every government or leader on the arrays of physical infrastructures or projects built by such government, there exists such other invaluable resources that will truly make the physical projects to endure or stand the test of time.
Believe me one invaluable resource remain the giant difference between a poor state and a rich one. The absence of this resource would definitely diminish all the skyscrapers of this world, would make nonsense of all investments real or imagined.
Yet, the presence of this resource is reputed to catapult investors and their investments, hold nations together, build bridges of understanding and harmony, escalate economic development and growth and improve political stability. One thing is certain though, this timeless resource is a lover of all but not everyone loves it. It is easy to find, yet requires courage and determination to make a dash for it. It can be costless and costly at the same time depending at what stage it is being sought after. Those who court it earnestly and go after it from the beginning are often rewarded handsomely, while those who seek it as an afterthought have had their entire being bruised at a cost.

What exactly is this resource? Those who know it called it ‘Peace’. Unarguably, governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi is among the few tested leader of his time who has embraced Peace resource and have elevated it to a cardinal point of a state policy. Yet Ugwuanyi has done marvelously well in all fronts. In the area of physical infrastructure, he is there 100%. In order to allow his physical projects to take root, Ugwuanyi allowed Peace to permeate his government and in all communities across the state. The Peace therefore becomes the panacea for attracting uncommon development of the state. Check it out, the physical development is all over the place to speak for itself despite biting economic challenges. Yet, he has made project Peace second to none resulting in massive influx of people to the state from other states in the federation.

Enugu have always been known as a peaceful state but there is no time in history it has been so pronounced as now. Perhaps, the massive current insecurity situation around the country visavis the massive harmonic atmosphere enjoyed by Ndi Enugu stood Enugu out, yet it could not be denied that governor Ugwuanyi has invested so much resources for peace to reign Supreme in the land. All these infrastructural projects being built by various governments right, left and center can only be functional and sustained if there is peace and security. People can come out and go to work only if there is peace and security. Traders and business men can ply their trade freely if there is peace and security. One can go on and on enumerating the essence of peace in building a new world order and for socio-political and economic development.

From East to West, North to South, it have been tested and proven that where there is peace and security, work, development, expansion, promotion etc moves faster and satisfactorily. It is wished by all, desired by all, pursued by all but grabbed buy very few. Gov Ugwuanyi of Enugu State is one that knows this and have been holding to it since the inception of his government.

Ugwuanyi’s peace project is the reason Enugu State Civil servants have remained dutiful to their posts. As a peace loving leader, the payment of salaries without delay at the new approved rate has equally defined his rating.

Gov Ugwuanyi made peace and security his priority and it have been working for him. Residents of many nearby states to Enugu have made Enugu State their second home. When there was election in Anambra State last year, Enugu State experienced large influx of Ndi Anambra who feared for their lives because of palpable fear that the election would be violent. Same palpable fear on ground at Ebonyi State has made many of her citizens to relocate to Enugu especially on weekends. It is on record that a certain governor of Ebonyi State lived in Enugu all through his stay in office. What happened to his own state? Almost past and present governors on all South Eastern and nearby states have residential houses in Enugu.

This project Peace Gov Ugwuanyi commissioned is what has taken Enugu to its present status today. This has won him several awards and is still bringing many more awards. Investors have come into Enugu State now more than before. Even as some states are turning into war zone, Enugu State is getting more peaceful. We thank God for the person, the humility and wisdom of Gov ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and wholly agree with him that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added: ” Be the type of leader who delivers more positive contribution than a negative chaos each day to his people.”

Written by
Leonard Ugwu
A political Analyst


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