Governor Ugwuanyi taking Enugu to her Glory days through Environmental Cleanliness


It is often said and rightly so that cleanliness is next to godliness. For those who believe in this aphorism, the assumption is that God can only dwell in a clean and safe environment. Therefore, those who seek and desire God must make their environment clean and safe for God’s habitation. Put differently, those who are clean through and through are considered as God’s own children. If our God is perfect, we too must endeavor to be.
Do we then have issues wondering why governor Ugwuanyi placed Enugu in the hands of God? Enugu State is the city of God’s dwelling. Rededicating Enugu to the able hands of God is also quite in order. Little wonder too, why governor Ugwuanyi has made conscious efforts to make Enugu metropolis and the entire state a clean city to enable God to oversee the affairs of the state in no uncommon manner.
Again it is important to note that environmental cleanliness has become one of the evaluating tools for ranking cities which attracts investors of all hues. Governor Ugwuanyi’s administration has thus far showed uncommon willingness to improve the state’s waste management trajectories. One would therefore marvel at the governor’s smart move when he ordered for the recruitment of about 1000 youths for Enugu Clean Team Project and approved the payment of 30,000 monthly stipend to them; since then, this group have been keeping to the vision of our amiable governor in ensuring that the state return back to her past glory.

The “Enugu Clean Team Project” and other laudable initiatives aimed at improving the state’s environmental architecture is the administration’s way of changing the narrative for good to ensure that those who dwell and do business in Enugu do so in a clean environment. Enugu Clean Team Project has become a policy thrust of the government to ensure that wastes are evacuated in the major streets and roads within the Enugu metropolitan areas as it is done in major global cities.

Another of the strategies adopted by the administration in improving waste management in the state is the reconstitution of the ESWAMA board presently under the chairmanship of Hon. Chinedu Onyeagba (Omex Global. Since his appointment into the board, he has in line with the vision of the governor ensured that Enugu return to her past glory. The Board under his watch began massive removal of wastes not only in the metropolitan areas of the state but has equally made appreciable inroads into some of the satellite towns and cities in the state. This explains why heaps of refuse are now history in Enugu and its environs.

These efforts have boosted human capacity in waste collection, with over 10,000 jobs generated. Since Hon. Chinedu Onyeagba took over the board’s Chairmanship, he has been able to increase the number of trips and coverage areas completed daily. The agency is targeting extending their operational base to all the local government area of the state. New waste collection vendors were engaged to rev up the efficiency in the value chain.

Currently under Hon. Chinedu Onyeagba, the Enugu State Waste Management is transiting from traditional waste management to conversion of waste materials – an innovation that is projected to generate 10,000 jobs. The recycling is also expected to promote a cleaner environment. The agency has established new dumpsites. This is because the existing dumpsites had overreached their holding capacities which led to the search of innovative ways of waste conversion to reduce the volume of waste being taken to the dumpsites through recycling.

However, the pilot scheme for recycling is gradually taking off as Hon. Chinedu Onyeagba is gradually reengineering the operation of the board driven with new technologies as it is in advance nations.

The tradition of undertaking beautification projects through the development of parks and gardens is also being improved upon. The development and commissioning of the Lions Park and flower beautification of strategic locations in the state is a clear evidence of this. The facility, designed to promote relaxation, recreation and picnic, is a proof of the government’s commitment to provide amenities that support decent human living.

Again the monthly environmental clean up exercise across the state has helped to improve the state’s environmental landscape. While executing the Governor’s Executive Order, the Enugu State Capital Territory Development Agency has begun massive clearing of all illegal structures and business outlet defacing the beauty of the state.

There is no doubt that governor Ugwuanyi’s administration has significantly impacted in the environmental outlook of the state and is fast returning the state to her former glory.

Bibian Anekwe News added …”The best preparation for Good work Tomorrow is to do Good work Today”.

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