Governor Ugwuanyi the mask behind developmental strides in Enugu state


History was made on the 29th May 2021, as Governor Ugwuanyi marked six years of good and impactful governance since he assumed power as the Chief Executive Officer. It was a time to take stock of all government accomplishments over the years and to equally identify observable gaps that needed government intervention.
The governor who have been synonymous with one day project accomplishments or another took the occasion of the 6th year anniversary of his government to commission yet another legacy project. People have gathered to drink a toast for the impactful leadership of Governor Ugwuanyi in the last six years when he took not a quite a few by surprise to officially commission Unity Park located in the heart of Enugu, the seat of government.
Unity Park is a recreational center purposefully built to cater for the recreational needs of the civil service state and numerous visitors who have had cause to embark on an unending voyages to Enugu in recent time in recognition of the existing ambience, peace and tranquility pervading the scape and the people.

The Unity Park is a humongous project built to serve as a tourist center while helping to boost internally generated revenue for the government and people for other developmental initiatives. It is important to appreciate and applaud the impressive efforts of the government under the leadership of Governor Ugwuanyi, who have unwavered to upscale Enugu state in the comity of states. Enugu people were extremely excited at the prospects of achieving for Ndi Enugu a status of a state with high tourism potential and economic viability.

Enugu state have never never had it so good. The emergence of the WHITE LION in the Lion Building have continued to attract more accolades for Ndi Enugu.
While taking his oath of office during his first term as Governor, Dr. Ugwuanyi had emphasized on a four point agenda which his government would tackle headlong to realize government objectives. These include rural-urban renewal, Youth empowerment, economic stimulation and massive state wide development. There were misgivings then expressed by the people that the enunciated agenda were meant as a mere political gerrymandering. Today, governor Ugwuanyi have probably proved even the most cynics wrong with his developmental trajectories and other campaign promises.

The Unity Park which came on stream following the steadfastness of Governor Ugwuanyi led administration to reinvent the recreational mood of the people who have suffered untold hardships juggling for self economic improvement while relegating the act of recreation for better mental capacity to face their challenges.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is truly that Mask behind Enugu State giant leap in the comity of states.

Bibian Anekwe News..added..Without labor, nothing prospers

Written by

Emma Chukwu
A political analyst

Enugu state is in the hands of God!


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