Governor Ugwuanyi – Time to right the wrong



The notion that for every action in every setting especially where there is an identifiable leader or leaders in a team, the responsibility for the actions or inaction of the team lies squarely with the team lead cannot be more factual than the events which unfolded in the Enugu State Government circle few weeks back. This event had led to the unusual resignation of a member of a team in Governor Ugwuanyi’s cabinet. The resignation is considered unusual in our clime because the very act of resignation from public office by those who have tasted the perks of office is not a common place. At best, appointed public officials have tended to become so powerful and arrogant while carrying out their duties some of which might have become injurious to the same people their actions are supposed to impact positively. The resignation therefore of the erstwhile Commissioner of Lands and Urban Development in Enugu State, Surveyor Dr. Nnam threw up a pandora box in the main. The dust roused by his actions to throw in the towel at a time his team lead was far away in Abuja tending to his party affairs was so thick that it shook the foundations of Ugwuanyi’s government and threatened to tear the very fabric of Ugwuanyi’s uncommon governance trajectories.

While the storm raged about Dr. Nnam’s resignation from office, facts began to emerge about the many underhand dealings that went on under his watch in the Lands Ministry with the active connivance of his foot soldiers within and without the Ministry. While accusations and counter accusations flew across the land and insulted our sensibilities in the process, the gentle Chief Executive Officer of Enugu State though fazed by the unfolding saga, had rather applied considerable emotional intelligence to douse the tension generated by the facts of Dr. Nnam’s resignation from office. His demonstration of maturity and fatherliness in the entire saga ensured that the crisis was well managed to the admiration of the citizens. Governor Ugwuanyi is highly effective as a leader. Fifth columnist was definitely at work to rubbish his malleable nature and humble dispositions and to rouse disaffection in his government in the long run. God whom Ugwuanyi has handed the state to was at work too, which enabled the fifth columnist to kiss the dust.

It is in recognition of the enormous responsibilities emplaced on his government and thoroughly agitated by the many revelations of the underhand dealings in the land Ministry while Surveyor Nnam held sway, governor Ugwuanyi calmly stepped in to clear the augean stable. Governor Ugwuanyi also must be commended for nipping the crisis of confidence that threatened to engulf his government in the bud. To give vent to his concerns about the unpleasant malfeasance in the Lands Ministry, governor Ugwuanyi quickly pulled out, Hon. Chidi Aroh from the Information Ministry and placed him in the Land and Urban Development Ministry to restore the much needed confidence for the crystallization of government objectives. Hon. Nnanyelugo Chidi Aroh it must be understood, held the enviable position of explaining government activities to the people in Governor Ugwuanyi’s cabinet. Therefore deploying him to the Lands portfolio is tantamount to taking out one’s garment before the people to confirm that there is no “kro-kro” and time has come to apply the necessary antiseptics to remove the acne

It is therefore heart warming to read government immediate action to restore lands purportedly revoked or acquired pursuant to the Land Use Act, without Governor’s approvals to some affected victims like the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE)and Emene Community in Enugu East LGA. In a conveyance letter separately to that effect, the new Commissioner for Lands, confirmed a diligent review of the protest letter forwarded by the affected victims of the government’s irregular land administration, such as NULGE and other affiliates like the NLC and TUC and the Emene Community and discovered that indeed the revoked land belonging to the aforementioned was done without the Governor’s knowledge or approval. This is the height of arrogance displayed by an appointed official of government. It is therefore important to applaud the efforts of government in this regard who not only acknowledged that there was a problem that necessitated citizen’s ill feelings in the first place, but went a step further to right the wrongs of the past.
Already, there have been reported wide jubilations across the land regarding this well intentioned government move and especially among the affected victims of the government’s indiscretion. Both the management of NULGE and the good people of Emene Community led by their traditional ruler, HRH Felix Ugwu have separately paid Governor Ugwuanyi a thank you visit to register their deep appreciation. While we join the affected victims to thank the government of Ugwuanyi for hearkening to the cries of the citizens as a responsible government, it is imperative also to appeal to him to dig into all extant land matters pending before it with a view to discovering more malfeasance and make haste as done in these few instance to remedy the wrongs of the past and restore the confidence of the people in his administration.

Truly, we cannot argue that Enugu State is not indeed in the palms of the Almighty God. Governor Ugwuanyi has remained a shining example to lead the state to God. Let jubilation continue.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “A person who is happy is not because everything is right in his life, He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right.”

Written by

Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

Public Affairs Commentator.



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