Hon Chilo Offiah still flying with Gov. Ugwuanyi’s Agenda for Job Creation and Entrepreneural Support for Ndi Enugu


Governor Ugwuanyi, a leader with vision and mission to take Ndi Enugu to a higher rung in the development ladder could not have made a bad choice in the appointment of the highly cerebral and intelligent young man, Arinze Chilo-Offiah as the GM, Enugu SME Centre. Governor Ugwuanyi has envisioned a state where the bulk of her citizens would be substantially encapacitored to fight poverty in their midst with the acquisition of substantial skills to grow the economy. Governor Ugwuanyi is a leader with firm belief in self sustainancy and that citizens will be able to do a lot more for themselves, their families and the society given the right guidance, education and support.

Hon. Arinze Chilo Offia has since assuming office as the General Manager of Enugu SME centre, throttled fiercely on the accelerator to help in the realization of this noble objective of the Governor. There have never been any dull moment at the centre. A lot of capacity building workshops and training in various skills to empower the citizens have been initiated and completed.

Presently, Hon. Offiah has intensified and upscaled the entrepreneurial innovative approach by making serious inroads into the many tertiary institutions domiciled across the state. This is a very good way of taking entrepreneurship objectives to grassroots and the target audience. Thousands of youths are lying idle today, while many of those in these tertiary institutions are engaged in courses that are skill oriented. The introduction of the entrepreneurship studies in the tertiary Institutions has been considered as a way of engaging the youths and discovering their latent potentials beside academic works. At the last count, there are over twenty skills being showcased by Enugu SME in these schools and the hub center is poised than ever before to enable both students and staff of these institutions to leverage on the benefits offered by the entrepreneurship skills.

Skills acquisition has never become so better anywhere. Students will be able to undergo training in fashion design, cosmetology, hair dressing, barbing, make up artistry, decorations, bakery, cookery, bead making, etc. This will enable the students to leave school with at least a skill. This training is done free of charge and mentorship programme is also available.

What a good way of fighting unemployment and reduction of crime and criminality in the society. Youths are more prone to the commission of crimes in the society. If youths are positively engaged, the rate of crime would have sufficiently reduced. With Hon Offia’s giant strides in SME development, it will be easier to engage idle mind, develope active ones and activate dull minds. It will also encourage creativity among the entrepreneurs and create room for partnership in business. If one has something doing that puts food on his table, why will he go into crime?

The programme of Enugu SME in schools should be replicated in all high institutions nation wide. Special fund should be allocated to support the programme and promote it’s graduants. If this is sustained for a long time, we would have reduced unemployment by over 30 or more percentage.

Such programme should be organized for civil servant especially teachers during holidays and other junior staff in other ministries. It will save many families, save government purse from gullible staff and also promote hard work among staff. Offia is doing well in caring out the development and creative agenda of Gov ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and we are proud to say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added: “Leadership is about more than a title. A good leader can inspire their team and the world at large through their words and more importantly their actions.”

Written by

Leonard Ugwu

A political Analyst



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