Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu,*Ebubechukwu* , as GM/CEO of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) is proving to be a 21st century human capital investor, developer and manager. We can agree that heading a corporation that caters for one of the basic needs of man- housing, isn’t a child’s play, especially when considering the huge housing deficit/ challenge in Nigeria.

Under his leadership at ESHDC, Ebubechukwu is adding serious economic value to communities through practical oriented, affordable housing for all. Consequently, housing development in Enugu State has taken a new turn for good under the administration of Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of the State.

The appointment of Ebubechukwu, as GM/CEO of ESHDC, can be described as a round peg in a round hole. Since assumption of office, he has brought his private sector expeirence, and business prowess to bare with the establishment of over 15 new estates in the Coal city. These excludes his intention of building low cost houses with flexible payment plan in all 17 LGAs, aimed at opening new towns within the State.

Ebubechukwu is desirous of transforming the housing sector from a civil service perspective to a profit oriented perception, by working with willing and capable partners to develop estates. ESHDC always provides the neccesary sites and services for communal living- opportunities, such as portable water supply, steady electricity, good road network, and other estate facilities/services for all Estates.

Sincerity is one key thing that has helped Ebubechukwu; he invests in capable contractors who can afford to invest on infrastructure and recoup their funds over-time, he gives free hands to all directorates to be their best, all these he puts together to achieve the viable results we see around.

For Ebubechukwu, the future is bright; and he’s basically laying the foundation for those coming after him to think and develop better, improving technology in the housing sector by adding value to some semi-urban settlements like Udi, Nsukka, Agbani, such that residents can visit the city center to carry out their daily activities and still return to base within 30 to 45 minutes.

As a fully commercialized entity, ESHDC under the supervision of Ebubechukwu, is generating it’s revenue through grand rents, and service charges to pay salaries, overhead cost, meet her other obligations including opening up more and more estates. In this regard, ESHDC is always willing to engage willing communities in developing estates around them. These partnerships enables them enjoy land value appreciation, improve security; coupled with the benefits of bringing people from different spheres of life to live, work and play in the respective communities.

Ebubechukwu has also integrated the low income earners through the Federal Mortgage Bank (FMB), so that they can pay over time. For instance, if a cost of one bedroom is N3million, most people might not be able to achieve it. Some people in the society can’t even save up to N50,000 per annum. So, with the already established relationship with the Federal Mortgage Bank and other primary mortgage institutions, there’s a place for low income earners; where the alottees will pay the mortgage institutions over time.

At the home front, Ebubechukwu through his foundation – *The Ebubechukwu Grassroot Initiative TEGI*, is committed bin reaching the less privileged across the state. With massive investments in rural healthcare, affordable housing, free education, community safety, and entrepreneurship programmes, TEGI is properly focused on supporting community development and directly helping government provide basic needs to our rural dwellers.

Therefore, on this special occasion of the birthday of Hon. Chukwuemelie Lambert Agu, I join millions of his admirers worldover to say *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to a distinguished patriot, and faithful leader. I wish him many more years of positive impacts on society, lots of good health of mind and body and soul, and above all God’s choicest guidance in the years ahead.

Bibian Anekwe News added; “Success isn’t about how much money you make; it’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.”

Congratulations sir!

Hon. Luke Onyebuchi Aneke (BUCHANE)


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