Housing For All Is Possible Under Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi


Sometimes in the mid 80’s, there was a popular jingle on the radio and television stations in Nigeria. The jingle was an advocacy of sort enjoining the citizens to board the train to the academic heights. It was actually envisioned that citizens must as a matter of priority get educated by the turn of the last century, 2000. The jingle “Join us, come with us, we are on our way, education for all by the year 2000” became a signature tune and made popular by the prospects of getting everyone educated or literate no matter the age or dispositions. Education for all by the year 2000 was part of the millennium development goals initiatives of the government at the center then. The campaign resonated very well with the people even as they kept their fingers crossed and a little bit sceptical about how such a tall dream could be achieved. The advocacy campaign was designed to include aside education, housing and safe public health for all Nigerians etc as all achievable on or before the turn of the century. Year 2000 became a metaphor for achieving goals and objectives of the people and government, with the hype running haywire than the actions on ground.

Year 2020 with all the achievable goals it promises to accomplish might have been long forgotten and up with it comes the new mantra themed Vision 2020-20 Development Goals. Successive governments have also continued to hype all conceivable development initiatives but no tangible deliverable. For one, the will power to initiate impactful development projects were clearly lacking. For another, the corruptive tendencies of state actors have effectively put paid to any identifiable developmental projects in most of the states, Enugu State inclusive.
It is instructive to note that the present administration under Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi have refused to toe the line of the previous administrations before him and have pursued with greater vigour the developmental projects it has set for itself in line with the Vision 2020-20 development goals initiatives. One of such developmental goals have found favour in the housing sector. There is no doubt that no past administration in the state have pursued housing development like this present government.

The government of Ugwuanyi have been able to build and commission so many housing estates and layouts both in Enugu urban and satellite towns of Enugu State. This government have built and commissioned Rangers estate, Zion estate, Satellite estate, Heliu Estate, Onuogba Estate, Workers Estate, Heritage Estate, Winners Estate, Overcomers Estate, Sunrise Estate, Peace land Estate, Premier Estate, WTC Estate, to mention but these. There are over ten estates each in Ugwuaji, Amechi, Alulu Nike, Nike Uno, Ujodo Nike, Ugwogo Nike, Abakpa, Obukpa, Nsukka town, Barracks Road Nsukka, Ibagwa Road, Nsukka, Obeagu, Akegbe Ugwu, etc. Some have been fully developed while some are at various stages of completion. Enugu state have almost a hundred housing estates ongoing in different parts of the state. When it is completed, over 10,000 units of houses will be ready for the people to occupy. This is a massive feat.

The managing Director of Enugu State Housing Development Corporation Hon Chiemelie Aguh has demonstrated so much commitment and zeal in ensuring that housing for all is possible. This government have also encouraged private estate developers to come into the state. Elim Estate, Vivian Estate, Bethel Estate, etc all came into existence in this present administration.

Hon Chiemelie Aguh’s Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) embarked on an aggressive marketing of housing projects in Enugu as if they were running out of fashion in tune with the disposition of the gentle Lion in the Lion Building. He has gone to almost all part of the world scouting for buyers, developers, partners and financiers to make this dream a reality.

Before the end of this administration, there will be enough house to accommodate all and sundry in Enugu State. Housing is one of major need of man and Gov Ugwuanyi knows that so well. That is why he has not relented in making affordable housing available for all. That is why we can boldly say that Enugu State is in the hand of God.

For more details contact.
Enugu State Housing Development Corporation
08094442242, 07043386447, 08091111411
Email: info@eshdc.org

21 Kings Way Road GRA Enugu, Nigeria

Bibian Anekwe News added – “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security”.

Written by

Leonard Ugwu

A Political Analyst



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