Joy unspeakable as Gov. Ugwuanyi takes 274 Enugu State Residents to a Pilgrimage in Jordan and Israel for prayers



The Biblical quote in Prov. 29:2 can not be more truer than the practical demonstration of love, humility and obedience to God’s injunctions to seek the goodness of all at all times and especially as a leader. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has once again shown his firm belief and faith in God. In acknowledgement of God’s unlimited power to solve problems of mankind, he has sent a total of 274 Pilgrims to the Holy places in Jordan and Israel .


These are known places where our Lord Jesus Christ strutted during His earthly ministry and healed mankind from his many afflictions. By his thoughtfulness to send Enugu State citizens to these Holy places to encounter God in His majesty and splendor, it is therefore to be appreciated that Ugwuanyi really meant good for his people. it must be pointed out that it can only take the spirit of a righteous leader which Gov. Ugwuanyi exemplifies to continually think along the goodness and joy of the people.

Over the past seven years of Gov. Ugwuanyi’ Administration, over 4000 Enugu State residents has been sponsored on an annual pilgrimage to the Holy places. Gov. Ugwuanyi has remained unshaken in his belief that prayer and hardwork are the keys that unlock all the storehouses of God’s infinite grace and power.


Ndi Enugu State “A day without prayer is a day without blessing and a life without prayer is a life without power.”

The batch A of 2022 christian Pilgrimage to Holy Land selection was done randomly while those selected was without bias to tribe or clan. Enugu is truly a home for all.

His Excellency Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has consistently performed this spiritual exercise twice yearly. These yearly spiritual exercise has shown significant mark and has brought about the peace and security of lives we are enjoying today in Enugu state.

The current spiritual journey is being led by Barr. Nestor Ezeme( Executive Secretary of the Enugu State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board), Bishop Emmanuel Edeh ( The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria Enugu State Chapter) Bishop Dr. Godwin Madu ( The Chairman , Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Enugu state) and other selected clergy men.

The Pilgrims attendees are Hon. Bibian Anekwe ( The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on mobilization and Empowerment, Hon Vera Ezeugwu ( PDP Enugu State woman Leader) Hon Felicia Eje ( PDP zonal woman Leader Enugu East senatorial zone) Hon. Onyekachi Ugwu ( The Senior Special Assistant to Enugu State Governor) Hon.Josephine Nwokedike, Nani Boi, Nnamen (Didi) e.t.c

*The biblical places visited are*

*(1) Cana Near Nazareth(John 2: 1-11)* This is the place where Jesus Christ performed his first public miracle where he turned water into wine at the wedding feast in cana.

*What we saw*
The lower floor of the Catholic church presents some of the crafts , one ancient vessel which is said to be one of the six stone water jars used at the feast where the first miracle was performed at the intervention of the mother of Jesus.

*(2) Mountain Tabor- Church of the Transfiguration(Matt.17:1-18, Judge 4:12-16)*
it is the place where Deborah defeated the enemy also the traditional site of Jesus transfiguration.

*(3) Mountain of the Beatitudes(Matt.5:1-16)*

This is the hill upon which Jesus was said to have preached the Sermon on the mountain.

*(4) The Baptismal Site on the River Jordan( Matt3:13-17)*
The River is where Jesus Christ was baptized and the heaven opened. It is an ideal spot for recollection in serenity and tranquility.

*(5) Bethlehem: The church of the Nativity(Luke 2:1-20)*
The birth place of Jesus where a beautiful church is built over the traditional site of the manger. The Muslims claim that Mohammed stopped here on his way to mecca.

*(6) Mountain of Temptation( Matt.4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13)*
The Holy Spirit led Jesus into desert where he was for 40 days and nights fasting and praying. The devil tempted him there to ascertain His Divine nature.

*(7) The Gethsemane, Garden of Agony Mountain of Olives (Luke 22: 39-46)*

This is also called garden of agony. In his prayers here on mountain Olives, we feel the spirit of salvation journey, the weight of the shameful nature of his death to save mankind.
As we descend, we saw the traditional tomb of Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead ( John 11:43)
This marks the site where Jesus wept over Jerusalem ( Luke 19:41) and passes through an ancient Jewish cemetery where the dead is assumed to be awaiting the resurrection when the messiah comes to the mountain of olives.
Mountain of olives is the spiritual link between death and life.

*(8) Garden Tomb and The church of Holy Sepulchre ( Mark 15: 22-39, John 19: 38-42)*

Orthodox and Catholic Christians mark the crucifixion and burial of Jesus here.

*(9) The Wailing Wall*
The wailing wall is also known as the western wall. We wrote our prayer points on a piece of paper and put it into the cracks in the wall. Prayers are conducted at the wall constantly.

*(9) Church of the Holy Sepulcher*
The church has long been a major pilgrimage center for Christians all around the world .

*(10) Chapel of Ascension*
The chapel of the Ascension in Jerusalem is a Christian and Muslim holy site that is believed to mark the place where Jesus ascended into heaven.

*(11) The Paternoster Church*
The church of the pater Noster stands on the traditional site in Jerusalem where Jesus taught his disciples the lord’s prayer

*(12)The Pool of Bethesda*
It is associated with healing. the pool is said to have been derived from Hebrew language meaning house of mercy or house of grace.

*(13)Via Dolorosa ( Stations of the Cross)*
The stations of the cross is called the Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows is a series of artistic representations, Sculptural, depicting Christ carrying the cross to his Crucifixion in the final hours of Jesus before he died, we use the series to commemorate the passion and move around the stations.

*(14) The Chapel of Visitation*
The church of the visitation honours the visit paid by Mary, Jesus Mother , to Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother( Luke 1: 39-56) This is the site where tradition tells us that Mary recited her song of praise, the Magnificent, one of the most ancient hymns credited to Mary.

*(15) The Upper Room ( The Last Supper Acts1:13):*
This is not only the site of the Last Supper also where the apostles stayed in Jerusalem, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia “the first Christian church.
Meanwhile many other events described in the New Testament took place here like the washing of the Disciple’s feet, resurrection appearance of Jesus,the gathering of the disciples after Ascension of Jesus, the election of saint Matthias as an apostle and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples on the day of pentecost ( Act 2: 1-4)

*(16) The Church of Multiplication*
It is the traditional site of the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes (mark 6: 30-46) also a roman catholic church.

Today , the Pilgrims will visit all the existing and important places in Jordan like The Dead Sea, The Jacob River, The Gadara, Mar Elias, Tal Hisbon, Mountain Nebo, and The Mukawir,

We appreciate our workaholic Governor, His Excellency Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for this great experience.

Reporting from Israel via Jordan

Hon. Bibian Anekwe
The Senior Special Assistant on mobilization and Empowerment to Enugu State Governor


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