It’s an ageless gist in every political exchange that political opponents do exhaust every option at their disposals including blackmail and resorting to flawed criticisms against perceived rivals for the sole aim of ridiculing the hard earned integrity and influence of the leader concerned. Nevertheless, it’s part of the revered responsibilities of the rational citizens to continue to say and stand with the truth no matter whose ox is gored and it is on this premise that one is obliged to debunk some of the spurious claims usually peddled by GBURU GBURU’S political detractors.

It is possible that sheer jealousy could inspire some of the GBURU GBURU’s critics to attempt to cash on the people’s naivety and avowed political apathy to create the impression that His Excellency, Rt. Hon.Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; the Executive Governor of Enugu does not meet up with his people’s expectations. However, with the abundance of physical and socio-economic indices observable and accessible in all the nooks and crannies of the Coal City State , one would need no paid teacher to learn about the gargantuan achievements of GBURU GBURU and why his people will always remain proud of their son.

When visitors and residents travel around Enugu State today and experience the tourism lubed by an aggressive and conscious approach, the unique leadership of our warm-hearted governor has adopted for modern road construction, reconstruction, remodeling and networking, one would not need search for further corroboration before embracing the falsehood of GBURU GBURU’s critics as mere caricature.

Would any rational spectator witnessing the unalloyed loyalty exhibited towards the authority of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in matters of legislation and implementation by the leaders cutting across the three tiers of political spectrum of this country emerging from Enugu State ; have any option than to sit back and enjoy the satire of any opinion targeted at the hallowed integrity of His Excellency, Rt . Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of Enugu State?

With our rapt awareness of the golden footprints of GBURU GBURU in the sands of our generational political reign, we will certainly continue to stand in applause and celebration of great virtues and the graceful values of our leaders oiled with a stubborn indignation and condemnation for every form of vices and negativities explored by any of our leaders, neither are we willing to succumb to the antics of those surviving on peddling all sorts of sophistry against our leaders. As I humbly seek to pause for some sensitive regurgitation necessary for further research and genuine feedback, I stand to confirm and infer that that the foregoing ideological pedestal foregrounds the thesis of this textual construction and therefore implore everyone to be pragmatic and factual in our quest for a sane polity in order to rightly guide our choices because our today’s decisions determine our tomorrow’s realities.

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Hon. Mrs. Bibian Anekwe.
The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Mobilization and Empowerment to Enugu State Governor.

Director-General; Enugu Di N’ Aka Chukwu Movement.


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