The above caption presupposes that being a leader has never been a tea party for those who truly understand what it takes to lead in any capacity. Those who seek to lead in the political space especially in the western world seem to understand this better than their counterpart in the developing world. While the economic situation in the Western countries of the world might look something healthier and better, yet the people who desire to lead politically understand that good management of their state’s resources will almost guarantee their hold on power.
Ironically, the reverse is the case in the developing world. Majority of the people who found themselves on the leadership pedestal in our clime are inherently selfish and would do anything to hold on to power in so long as they can. They fritter the resources of their respective states away for their own selfish interests and may never have to care in the world about the welfare of their citizens. They majorly lack the fear of God while their reign lasts.

It is important to stress however that the infinitesimal few leaders from the developing world who are doing their bit in the governance of their people have often been praised to high heavens for being different from what is largely expected from these leaders. Yet we all know and understand that government all over the world exists to serve the interests and welfare of the governed without prompting.
Perhaps also, one leader who stands out from the crowd of attention seekers for doing their job simply as an elected leader of the people is Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State. Those who has mastered his mindset agrees that he is one leader who don’t enjoy blowing his own trumpet for doing what he is constitutionally elected to do, he is inherently publicity shy but for the media aides around him who must also report the activities of the administration.

As governor Ugwuanyi sets his feet on the finishing line which by the grace of God, he will accomplish strongly and graciously, he has continued to commission one project or another and from one locality to another.
Perhaps, his most outstanding point is that while the nation groans under the yoke of economic meltdown, Ugwuanyi has not shirked his responsibility to pay Enugu State workers as at when due. Even though, the general expectation from a wide spectrum of workers in Enugu might not have been met by Ugwuanyi’s administration, but we must admit that Ugwuanyi has persevered given the current economic conditions in attracting better goodwill towards the generality of Ndi Enugu. In the area of capacity building for Enugu youths, Ugwuanyi has shown enough mark. Same also in Agricultural advancement, education sector and developmental strides. Ugwuanyi has enough signature marks to his name while those who have mischievously continued to mock him for handing over the affairs of Ndi Enugu to God’s able hands will appreciate him sooner than later when he has vacated the Lion Building. Thank you our Governor for being yourself. May your future endeavors be to the benefit of Ndi Enugu in Jesus name, Amen…

Bibian Anekwe News added: The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.”

Chinyere Okafor



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