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In some state till date, political appointments are specifically reserved for people especially the party men and women who are considered to have worked for the victory of the ruling political party. Of course, little or no consideration is given to the competencies or skills of these potential appointees. Political patronage or rewards took a dangerous dimension that suggests that people must be appointed no matter their skills or knowledge in so long as such person is a loyal party man or woman. It is disheartening to observe that this same practice over the years have retarded governance and it’s service compact with the people. Most of the appointees are largely square pegs in round holes and therefore rather than position to help the Chief Administrator achieve government objectives, they rather play to the gallery all because of incompetence.
However, the emergence of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi changed this anomalous political narrative. For once credible and competent people rather than o yes party men and women are considered into various political offices to deliver the goods of government to the people. The political appointments of people with people oriented vision shaped governance in Enugu State as all the appointees strove in an uncommon way to help the governor achieve his political mandate.

One of the many appointments that produced the proverbial round peg in a round hole is the appointment of Hon. Bibian Ebere Anekwe, the current Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment. Honorable Bibian is unarguably a potent force and a grassroot mobilizer who had given Governor Ugwuanyi the much needed leverage. Of course, our people has a saying that good product speaks for itself. Ugwuanyi’s administration is considered a good product for Ndi Enugu. Honorable Bibian has helped in no uncommon way to project and promote the good deeds of Ugwuanyi’s administration through her office. This is indeed not a matter of argument by true discerning individuals that Hon. Bibian Ebere Anekwe has been a supportive pillar to the governor of Enugu State defending the administration even at the cost of her life. She is truly a woman with a lion’s heart who is never deterred by threats or blackmail when it comes to mobilizing support for Ugwuanyi’s administration.
The recent case which brought the enemy of the State and the good governance into a collision mode. The Amazon that is Bibian Anekwe rose to the occasion and changed the narrative for good. It is a glaring fact that the government of Ugwuanyi has striven to provide adequate security and relative peace in the State. Honorable Bibian Ebere Anekwe must therefore be celebrated for once for proving to be one of the best appointees of governor Ugwuanyi and making modest impacts in the life of the administration.
The highly creative Amazon and grassroots mobilizer impresario is considered a great asset as a problem solver and team builder. These qualities, especially her peaceable nature, came into play since the formation of Enugu Di Na Aka Chukwu Movement, whose formidable platform she has been able to use to impact the lives of not quite a few especially the rural women. She has also exposed a good number of youths politically and many of them with various political appointments in local and state level. Her charitable life style is aligned with the life style of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi whose comfort is based on the comfort of the people.
Hon. Bibian Anekwe gave all so that others might feel belonged and would readily go to any length fighting for the rights of others. In honesty and integrity, Hon. Bibian have a distinction in them which is one of the secrets while Enugu Di Na Aka Chukwu political movement is still waxing up. She is a firm believer of collective agreement on any issue. She has never imposed her opinion on the members but allow popular opinion to sail through. When one offers any financial support to the group, she would readily disclose the sum and move further to share same equitably to all the members.
Her political life characterizes fighting for the masses and standing for truth, equity and justice.

It is a public knowledge that some political contractors would not like to see Hon. Bibian Anekwe and her group at public functions, yet her popularity and that of the group she leads continues to wax even stronger. Many have wondered why she could still keep the group intact and the answer could be found on her character of oneness, truth and love. She project others politically than she does to herself and cannot be intimidated by anyone in what she believed in especially in relation to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi administration. She is a courageous woman in all fronts.

Overwhelmed by her grassroots following and public acknowledgement of her Leadership, her character sustains her dearly to the governor of Enugu State. Indeed, Hon. Bibian Anekwe is one of the persons that is genuinely supporting the current administration in the state without looking back.

Similarly, she has teamed up young and patriotic Enugu sons and daughters in the campaign in favor of zoning of political positions especially the office of the Governor and have become one of the leading voices in Enugu West Senatorial zone mobilizing support for the Governor to accept the gauntlet to contest for the position of the president of Nigeria so that he can replicate what he did in Enugu State in a broader scale.

The charismatic leadership of Hon Bibian Anekwe has made the people to join the group en masse after the just concluded Enugu West Rally at Awgu Local government and the group has become the new platform for championing a just political cause.
To compliment the efforts of the governor’s media team, she swiftly mobilized pen pushers from various local governments of the state to join in projecting the good governance initiative of the current administration. She has been maintaining the media team of Enugu Di Na Aka Chukwu Movement, Through Hon. Bibian Anekwe, the support base of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has increased exponentially, particularly after the recent Enugu West Rally. Hon Bibian Anekwe remains vanguard of hope for Ugwuanyi good governance initiative.

Jude Chijioke Achu.
A Political Analyst

Media Team Member: Enugu di n’akachukwu movement


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