From the stable of the Enugu State Chief of Staff evaporates this humble congratulatory message to the special Governor of the Coal City state as Nigeria turns sixty. In the four corners of intellectual demography I have continued to scavenge for the right epithets to describe Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi but honestly I’m still handicapped.

All things being equal, I wish to take refuge in the well known cliches that have been forwarded by other objective and well meaning observers of your policies by admitting that you are a peaceful soul oozing with sanity and harmony, developing the state without discrimination or segregation. I am a living testimony to your unprecedented magnanimity, accommodation and virtuosity.
I wish not to dwell on your giant developmental strides as a governor but I must seize this opportunity to congratulate you on this epic of Nigeria at 60 for delivering sound democratic dividends especially during this globally recognised period of adversity.

May God who reigns supreme as the authority giver never get tired of replenishing your strength in alleviating the plights of the people as I admit that I am yet to meet your kind throughout my earthly adventure.

Written by
Rt. Hon.Dr. Festus Uzor.

Chief of Staff to the Governor of Enugu State


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