In accordance with the social tradition, it is my interest to present to you an overview of the stewardship of Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah, in the past one year, as the substantive Chairman of Udenu Local Government Area.

The coming of Hon. Izuchukwu Onah and Hon Tochukwu Eze to Udenu as Chairman and vice Chairman respectively, on the 2nd of March 2020, is much designed than ordinary . Of a truth, Udenu Council Area has been fortunate, fortunate enough in the sense to say that she has had series of proactive Council leaders, who had contributed their quota to her growth

Beyond politics, Hon. Solomon Onah is a jolly good fellow with matchless empathy and compassion, who concerns himself more to lifting and improving the condition of others. Some how, and in many ways, this part of him has literally translated to his efficient leadership style.

Over the passed year, he has consistently made real progress. He has improved the worker’s welfare and has maintained regular and prompt payment of salaries.

He had opened up the rural communities through road grading, lateriting and rehabilitation.
-Ibenda Obollo Eke/Agu-Udele-Adda/Obollo Nkwo road
– Igbogebe-Ogbo(Imilike Ani) road
-Old Oturkpa road Umundu Market road
-Old Umundu inland road
-Old Oturkpa-road Imilike Enu road

He administration is over seeing the Ongoing Construction of the might “Udenu mini Stadium” at Local Government Secretariat.

He rejuvenated the water borehole situated within the Council Secretariat that is designed to serve the precincts communities of Ohulor Obollo, Ulo n’ Obollo, Umundu and Igugu Community. As at the moment, the borehole is functioning at full capacity, supplying water to the designated areas.

He employed and engaged about 30 Road Free Obstruction Corp Officers.

Inauguration of Power Intervention Initiative, a program targeted and designed to address every power related issues in Udenu Local Government Area. Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah’s administration has provided, through this arm, a brand new 500kva Transformer and 3 long length of Armored Cable to Amutenyi / Umurama / Umuamoke community, Ohulor Obollo Afor and Ohebe Orba Community. And promises to extend electrification down to the Ohebe /Agu-Orba living Area.

Maximum Security: The Udenu Council boss has shown high commitment to ensuring adequate security of lives and property of the people and residents of Udenu. He had, within this short space of time, giving enormous boost to the Community Policing by improving their functionality through making provisions for logistics and donating 7 brand new Surveillance vehicles

Formation of the 10-man Committee for Local Education Reform. Thus far, the committee has organised several engaging symposium/ workshop for the Head Teachers and other academic stakeholders. The committee led by the Chairman himself, had also visited every Primary School in Udenu to access and ascertain the level standard of infrastructure and teaching process in our primary education system. And is on the track to make provisions of standard material where there is lack.

Urbanization of Obollo Afor- The Local Government Headquarter: This is targeted to improve the standard of living and social integration among the people of the area. And to boost the Obollo Afor daily market which has become one of the fastest growing markets and a renowned central commercial hub in the nation. At the moment, the Council Administration has begun with dicongesting of the major connecting roads and cleaning up the drainage to ensure free flow of movement and running water into the discharging paths.

At the height of the Global Lockdown due to the out break of the Corona Virus pandemic, the Hon. Solomon Izuchukwu Onah’s administration was strictly engaged with massive sensitization and public awareness campaign against COVID19 and distribution of Hand Sanitizer , Face Masks, Sanitary Buckets, Hand gloves, foodstuffs and funds to the residents of Udenu to cushion the adverse effect of the Corona Virus pandemic.

To this end, Hon Solomon Izuchukwu Onah has shown enormous capacity and uncommon leadership ability by every good means, to protect and improve the standard lives in Udenu Local Government Area.

Kelechi Okpe
SA Media and Publicity.


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