Pastor Sam Adeyemi Sends Fresh Message To #EndSARS Protesters


Pastor Sam Adeyemi, the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, has urged #EndSARS protesters to stay focused on using their voices and to listen to one another with humility.

In a post on Twitter, Pastor Adeyemi who has been a vocal supporter of the #EndSARS movement since 2017, said protesters should hold the vision of a developed Nigeria in their heart.

The DayStar pastor also promised to continue praying for Nigerian youths across the country.

“Dear young citizen, it is understandable that you are hearing many voices, like the biblical David, but you’ve been called to be unconventional. Be comfortable with that,” Pastor Sam Adeyemi wrote.

“Your movement did not start on the streets, it started on your phones. Your ability to move from being an invisible force to being a visible one is a miracle. “The word became flesh”. #ENDSWAT.

“The greater miracle will be for you to be able to move back and forth between being visible and being invisible. Don’t be afraid. You won’t fizzle out so long you have your phones. #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY

“No one creates a machine with the ability to generate power and motion without installing an effective brake system. There’s real power in your ability to STOP and START your protests.

“When it’s time, you will test your power to stop and start the visible part of your protest. You will discuss dates to go only online, without stopping the protests, and to come back forcefully on the streets.

“I suggest you don’t worry about having defined leaders. It’s part of your using unconventional means to solve old problems. You are called to redefine leadership. You are all leaders. Your dialogue is on the street!

“Please, stay focused on using your voice. Listen to one another with humility. Many of us are praying really hard for you. Hold the vision of a developed Nigeria in your heart. Much love. #ENDSARS.”


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