May I start this piece by referring to the story of the wicked servant as told by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago to illustrate the human challenge of selfishness and wickedness.

Jesus Christ told a parable about a servant who owed his master money he could not pay in 10 life times but sought a total debt cancellation. His good master graciously granted him pardon but he came to another slave who owed him less, held him by the jugular to pay. The poor slave asked for more time to pay but the man whose debt had just been cancelled, jailed another for owing him peanuts . Jesus Christ didn’t call such act selfish but wicked.

Politics of exclusion is not selfishness but outright WICKEDNESS. The principle of federal character was included in the 1999 constitution to address the wickedness of exclusion based on tribe, religion or ethnicity. It was termed marginalization to hide the motivation behind exclusion which is HATRED. Simply put, politics of exclusion is hate crime.

It is not hidden fact that late Col Emeka Odimegwu Ojujwu didn’t secede from NIGERIA but led the Igbo race to resist the planned and well sponsored agenda of annihilation targeted at Igbo nation because of hatred

The agreement of Biafra surrender was anchored on NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHED. Truth be told there is victorious victor and a conspicuously vanquished loser. The General Gowon led administration promised a 3R project of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reintegration for the Igbo race but it was a total farce. Why? Igbo Hate masked as POLITICS OF EXCLUSION or for political correctness, MARGINALIZATION.

The Igbo nation was stripped bare. Their homes were declared as abandoned properties and streets with Igbo names renamed to show disgust for Igbo race. Huge Bank deposits decimated. Igbo people were never reintegrated into federal civil service despite their high academic standing and were replaced with unqualified people that opened door for the rot and ineptitude in the public institutions till date.

The oil boom came not more than 5 years after civil war. Sadly, because of Igbo Hate, masked as EXCLUSION, an international festival of ARTS AND CULTURE, FESTAC 77 was chosen instead of the 3R project promised Igbo land. Why? Reconstruction of Igbo land will make Igbo nation the JAPAN of Africa in industrial revolution. Reintegration will make Igbo leaders in the federal civil service. Rehabilitation will give Igbo overwhelming advantage in corporate Nigeria.

Today, 50 years after the civil war, the IGBO RACE, the only republican and egalitarian race and largest in productivity still battle with question why this EXCLUSIONIST IDEOLOGY. Igbo race gave Nigeria a police reform agenda thru Mr OGBONNA ONOVO who remains one of Nigeria’s finest police officer and gentleman but the powers that be rejected police reform. Today, police is hunted like wild beast and decimated without mercy after the EndSars saga. Nigerians despise it’s police force because of lack of reforms. Period.

IGBO RACE gave Nigeria Army, General Ihejirika, a battle hardened warrior yet because of IGBO HATE, the victories he recorded in the war against BOKO HARAM was tagged as IGBO REVENGE AGAINST NORTH FOR BIAFRA WAR CRIMES. Wao.. So the north really knew they committed heinous crimes against hapless civilians using Chadian and Nigerian bandits called GWODO GWODO people? Now you know why an expensive rail line was given to them and refineries too?

May I boldly ask, Why were unarmed IPOB members killed as terrorists but Boko Haram members that shot down military planes and bandits that murder daily rehabilitated and given new lives at expense of victims of their evil? So is rape, kidnapping, arson, murder no longer criminal acts punishable under all laws in Nig? Why has no french speaking bandit faced deportation?

Igbo race gave Nigeria NGOZI OKONJO IWELLA, OBY EZEKWESILI AND PROF DORA AKUNYILI. Our economy was rebased and became worlds enviable with foreign direct investment trooping in. Pharmaceutical companies started manufacturing in Nigeria. EMZOR of MRS STELLA OKOLI grew. Today, Nigeria is worlds poverty capital while our pharmacy stores filled up with substandard Asian drugs. The only drugs that work in Nigeria today is Aphrodisiac and birth control. It takes two months salary to treat malaria and typhoid and risk of damage to liver because of substandard drugs .

Many are now resorting to religion to cast out malaria and typhoid. What a shame ! Who told our youths that rituals give money and even our university graduates believe it without wondering why the native doctors do not have billionaire sons. Money yields to superior ideas and smart work. Even God of bible said , call upon me and I will show u riches stored in secret places. Wealth is by discovery of ideas to solve problems in exchange for riches. The black man who got Mirror in exchange for slaves , charged people to see their face. Can u imagine the excitement of seeing ur face for first time? Oh my God.. U pay good money to see ur ugly face and dirty teeth. Women got glued to mirror till date.

Now to sum it up, Igbo people want presidency to be able to restructure the country so that there will be reward for ingenuity and hardwork and justice for all.

While Igbo people call the Hausa Fulani names for sustaining politics of exclusion, the same Igbo people fabricated caste and minority to exclude others. That’s pure wickedness.

Can Amawbia produce a governor in Anambra state? In ENUGU STATE, without mincing words an UGWUAJI MAN has never been considered fit for a local government chairman in ENUGU South LGA until GOV IFEANYI UGWUANYI said enough is enough. The jinx has been broken. God bless you gov Ugwuanyi.

It is even a biblical question. Can any good thing come out of Nazareth? God chose the place to be birth place of our savior Jesus Christ to shame nay sayers – JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH

Take my word to the bank, NIGERIA is not a lost case. IGBO MAN OF SOUTH EAST will be president. He will fix Nigeria.

Buhari will earn himself a new name like Gen Abdusalam who made way for democracy.

Nigeria needs a president who is a peace builder and has wisdom to rebuild broken trust among tribes in Nigeria, deal with security issues, improve agriculture, invest in health care, education and energy. The private sector will rise and Nigeria will be termed GREAT NATION OF HAPPIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH

EndSars showcased unity of purpose of our youths despite tribal or religious differences. Nig Censorship board please censor music by drug addicts and ritual promoters. They are hurting our values.

Indeed, may I ask again who will lead south east to Presidency in 2023?

Bibian Anekwe News added: “Leaders become great not because of their power, but for their ability to inspire and elicit commitment, passion, consistent action and follow- through from others.”

Written by
Bishop Chinedu Nwoye


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