Recreation is an activity that people voluntarily pursue for personal enjoyment or satisfaction, usually during free time.
Recreation takes variety of forms depending on the choice of individual. Some engage on recreation in their homes, communities, or even travel to a distance for a recreation activity

After the end of World war II in 1945, recreation has become an important element in modern life. High incomes and improvement in working conditions and transportation have given many people more money, time and mobility for recreation

Recreation provides pleasure for millions of people, and contribute to an individual good mental and physical health. Even in the hospital, trained supervisors often organize recreational activities as therapy for patients.

A traditional view holds that work is supported by recreation, recreation being useful to RECHARGE THE BATTERY ,so that work performance is improved.

In knowing that relaxation and recreation are essential parts of human life, Ugwuanyi’s government has taken an important role in creation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of recreation centers in Enugu state.

These relaxation and recreation parks include the Unity park situated beside Okpara Square, which is 95% completed,; EZE park and ONWUDIWE park, both in Uwani axis of Enugu; and rest of others.

These relaxation and recreation parks, when completed, will have many health,environmental, social, security ,and economic benefits to government and good people of Enugu state

On economic benefits, these relaxation and recreation parks will create job opportunity for the teeming youth and reduce unemployment among them. It will also improve all the business activities around the parks and improve the revenue generation of the state. These parks will become a tourism destination with many advantages , knowing fully well that visitors are specifically attracted by recreational offerings.

On environment benefits, the relaxation and recreation parks will improve the quality of air we breathe especially people living around the areas, provide vegetative buffers to development, provide habitat for wildlife, provide a place for families and individual to connect with nature and recreation outdoors together. These parks will also help prevent floodings. They will also give beautification to city of Enugu.

On health benefits, The activity at these relaxation and recreation parks will help reduce stress, Blood Pressure, Obesity, reduce the risk of Osteoporosis and of cancer especially in men that of colon and prostate ,and in women that of the chest. These parks will get people healthy and fit especially those with disabilities.

On Social benefits, these parks will provide identity for citizens in the perception of quality life in the city, provide gathering places for families and social groups as well as individual. These relaxation and recreation parks will provide a sense of public pride and cohesion to Ndi Enugu.

On security benefits, with these parks, level of crime ,vandalism and juvenile delinquency will reduce, as people will be busy in one activity or the other in the parks.

Generally, relaxation and recreation facilities provide opportunities for physical activity and can help people of all ages have a more active lifestyle. People who live near relaxation and recreation parks are more likely to be active

Gburus, these your creation,rehabilitation and maintenance of relaxation and recreation parks are in the right direction
As you have started it, it shall come to pass and I will be a witness.

Truly, Enugu state is in the hands of God

Hon Calistus Onyekachukwu Onyia


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