Chief. Ugochukwu Agballah’s allegation against Hon. Peter Mbah is baseless

The battle axe is already laid upon the shoot of the oak tree in the middle of the city. The Lion Building is already quaking in the wake of the resumption of hostilities towards grabbing its sumptuous soul. Another four years would soon elapse, and the peaceful present occupant of the Lion Building is already dusting the file cabinets in preparation for exit to enable a new tenant. Ndi Enugu may not yet be fixated on whom to admit into the recesses of the building given the current mad craze to play the good boy in order to woo or hoodwink the bride.
Ndi Enugu, we are not at cross road yet, but the political gladiators will stop at nothing to make us think so. Of course, that is their stock in trade. Spewing narratives and counter ones against political opponents for the sole purpose of making us fall for their trap. But one thing is certain, politicians have the same antics as the college boys wooing the opposite sex to gain their attention. However, responses to the many antics of the boys by these opposite sex will remain a function of their receptive dispositions. This is what the political gladiators are doing with us in Enugu as the battle for the soul of Enugu hots up.

The recent media interview in Urban Radio(Prime time) where the current Chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Enugu, Chief Barrister Ugochukwu Agballah tried to discredit the PDP gubernatorial hopeful in the 2023 election is a case in point. While it is not the intention of this article to discuss blow by blow account of what Chief Ugo Agballah spewed against the candidacy of Barrister Peter Mbah, it is pertinent to remind Chief Agballah that he was part and parcel of the political family of yore which he labored to discredit in the said interview. Chief Agballah may do well to tell Ndi Enugu what role he played during the administration of Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani which typified the Ebeano political family. What, did Ugochukwu did or fail to do that led to his being eased out of the government, he served as one of the Commissioners in the administration? Chief Agballah might have told us what transpired during the same administration he served under and he feels terrified that handing the leadership of Enugu State in 2023 to Hon. Peter Mbah is tantamount to bringing back the memories of Ebeano which has the propensity to deepen our economic and political woes. But it seems that Barrister Ugochukwu is trying to reincarnate what happened in the Holy Book specifically in the Acts of Apostles 19:15 and I quote, “… I know Jesus, and I know about Paul; but you—who are you?” Apparently, the Evil spirit residing in the heart of its occupier was responding to the antics of the seven brothers, who were the sons of a Jewish High Priest named Sceva, and who attempted to purge the evil spirit living inside a body of an individual. The outcome of that encounter is a story for another day. The import of the passage quoted above is that one cannot give what he or she does not have. No politician can purge the electorates or even travel on a sanctimonious lane except the said politician has yet purged him or herself.
It is for this same reason that the newly converted Paul, erstwhile destroyer of the Christian brethren asked the people he came to preach to in Acts 19:2 if they have received the Holy spirit when they became believers of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the people denied ever knowing about the existence of the Holy Spirit let alone receiving It. Paul went further to ask the people which manner of baptism they received and they admitted that it was John’s baptism.
Paul was therefore gracious to inform the people that John’s baptism was intended to make them turn away from their sins and to believe in the One coming after him.

It is therefore important to remind those jostling for the soul of Enugu that we acknowledge the good governance exemplified by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, we also know those that have worked under him, we equally acknowledge his great sacrifices towards presenting Peter Mbah to continue with his good legacies.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi may have placed the reigns of the city in the hands of God but for good measure. God is saying to Ndi Enugu today and always and I quote :
“… I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Jer. 29:11

Hon. Dr.Peter Ndubuisi Mbah may not be the Saint but God can do wonders through him. Peter is a business man and has garnered an appreciable reputation in the business world. The fears of recreating Ebeano post 2023 may be subsumed by the glaring legacies Gov.Ugwuanyi will be leaving behind. He cannot afford to go below the standards Gov Ugwuanyi has set. Let us look at the brighter side and see the present challenges as our stepping up opportunity.

*Bibian Anekwe News added – Ndi Enugu don’t have any better candidate come 2023 expect Hon. Dr. Barr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah*

*Tommorow is here*

*May Enugu State remain in the hands of God… Amen…*

*Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.*

*Public Affairs Commentator*



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