In this our once in a lifetime earthly peregrination, believing it is normal to view with utmost consternation events that defy on-the-spot comprehension or explanations; activities diffusing through the semi-permeable membrane of the confines of our common sense, we admit that something extraordinary take place; we feel something beyond human; we feel the magic. And from our folklore, for magic to manifest there has to be some wand but the wizardry does not come from the wand but the caster. For the fact that the accomplishments of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi( Mr Fulfilment)of Enugu State enjoy colourful epithets across board remains a masterstroke and embeds the character of the governor with the magical aura that deserves conscious appreciation and criticism.

To sustain the tempo of the influence of his political narrative, Governor Ugwuanyi( Mr Fulfilment) had put smiles on the people’s faces in a manner surmounting the projection of an average citizen of the Coal City state. The way he continues to make inroads into the remote and forlorn areas, introducing modern infrastructural trends is a sort of transformation that creates a strangely and mythically affectionate passion for his icon among the people. The people are tempted to feel something magical about him. Nevertheless, I suspect that Mr. Fulfillment derives some tangible joy in being the chosen one to lift a lot more out of penury and want to abundance and affluence.

As someone who is not driven by sheer quest for vainglorious fame, he took the jobs to where they were needed most; where projects would have optimum potentials; to Umuagama in Igbo-Eze North, to Owa in Ezeagu, to Neke in Isi-Uzo, Nkerefi in Nkanu and Akpuoga in Nike; to the less-privileged; to the tortured, the orphans and widows. Governor Ugwuanyi went into the remote villages and constructed fresh roads, built fresh hospitals, opened up brand new boreholes and pipe born water.

This fantastic governor( Mr Fulfilment) was not bordered much about paying homage to the elite as much as implementing scholarship schemes for the intelligent but indigent students from Enugu state; of course he was disturbed more by the idea of improving the welfare and renumeration of the state workers, securing the state and instituting the much needed peace which serves as a catalyst for growth and development.

One would feel the ingenuity of Gburu Gburu’s innovativeness in leadership when you take a neutral position with regards to how he ensured that the youths are amply involved in his government and skillfully empowered to fertilize small and medium enterprises and industrialization with positive feedback on the economic viability of the state. Today, we cannot claim ignorance of the strategic position that Enugu state enjoys among its counterparts, courtesy of the pragmatic technicalities of the Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s team of technocrats and professionals.

Nothing goes for nothing’ goes a common saying, so, Mr. Fulfillment won’t be wielding the quality of the influence he does today if he had failed to deliver on his promises, but he understood the implications of realising his tasteful dream for qualitative education and research; focusing on building and renovating considerable number of public schools and higher institutions. I’m not sure there is any community in Enugu state that would rationalise the absence of government’s presence within its neighbourhoods. So, why won’t those that are comfortable with Odozi Obodo’s administration pour accolades on him?

I am as well aware that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s predilection towards evident agricultural research and advancement constitutes part of the magic wand he has continued wave around, swaying people towards his direction and dimension and his administration’s resolve in implementing modern agricultural policies and procedures can readily be investigated in the public domain and from my perspective, his accomplishments in Agric sector are impregnated with long-term positive potentials

For those that might be interested to dig deeper, it would be psychologically adventurous and satisfying to check out the nature of awards that Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi keep receiving and the texture of their values, maybe, by then one can start appreciating that we might not effectively understand the value of our possession until we lose it; we would then make efforts to make our genuine contributions towards sustaining sanity and stability in our system because it is easier to criticize than to lead.

So, as I bend to regurgitate, I hope to move subsequently towards unveiling more realistic expectations from a leader with the magic wand as I delve into a mental interrogation for the graceful factors foregrounding such sterling performance of the man steering the affairs of Enugu State, Rt Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, a.k.a, Mr. Fulfillment.






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