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Political scholars have often had to grapple with the debate of how leaders came to be. While some are of the opinion that leaders are often made, others would suggest that leaders are naturally born and not made. Whichever divide of the opinion one may find himself or herself, fact remains that exceptional leaders remain a rarity dating from history. Contemporary scholars would even be surprised to get such exceptional leaders in our time as this.
Now it is important to pinpoint that exceptional leaders are those enmeshed with their vision and drive to transform their society. They are courageous, empathetic and have the foresight to thread where mere mortals dared to traverse. That narrative describes the leadership pedigree of HE Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State. On his assumption of office in 2015, the economic challenges of the Nigerian nation occasioned by the drop in the oil revenue affected the statutory allocations to the component States from the federation account. With the glaring economic situation, Governor Ugwuanyi made Internally Generated Revenue a priority which complimented the lean monthly state allocation from the federation account rather than resort to borrowing from external sources. The administration has without doubt made the State financially independent from the federation account in the sense that the administration has funded numerous capital projects from the IGR even when other states have stopped any such projects due to acute financial crunch. Governor Ugwuanyi effectively played over self defeatist syndrome and maintained his administration’s resolve to move the State forward.

As the current security crisis in the country rages, Ugwuanyi’s administration swiftly reconstituted the neighborhood watch and the forest guards in the State to compliment the efforts of the police through enabling laws. All these were aimed at protecting the lives and properties of the people in the State. To further address the issue of herdsmen and farmers clashes, a sponsored bill to ban open grazing and adopt internationally accepted practices of ranching is currently undergoing legislative fireworks at the Enugu State House of Assembly and has passed its second reading at the last count.

Added to the humongous good governance inroad in the state, one cannot really discountenance the fact that the appointment of professionals and experts into sensitive positions in the State has made delivery of democratic dividends possible through innovative ideas. The current administration has maintained a peaceful State despite the attempt by mischief makers to create tension but Governor Ugwuanyi in line with his peaceful dispositions have always repelled such unwarranted tensions to the admiration of his numerous fans. Gburu Gburu has become a political ideology of peace, justice and equity which have metamorphosed into a movement across the three senatorial zone of North, East and West of the State. His political inclusiveness has effectively stemmed sundry murmurs and complaints about lopsided appointments since his six years in office which have earned him more respect, solidarity and support. In the area of social cohesion, Ugwuanyi have shown to be a detribalised fellow because of his equal treatment of all people no matter the tribe and religious affiliations. Governor Ugwuanyi remains the hope of Nigeria Corporate Existence.

Earlier in his second term the wave of scuffling the zoning arrangements that have seen the three dominant Senatorial zones produce a Governor apiece in about 22 years became palpable around the state and largely orchestrated by moneybags to distort the zoning arrangement. The good people of State with the avowed conviction to eliminate “it must be me” political syndrome resisted the antics of these anti people through awareness creation and organization of rally in support of zoning arrangements and in total solidarity with Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s good governance in the state. Like mind politicians, experts, professionals set up structures and began the campaign in what I may term “Let’s Go East”.

Let’s Go East became a rallying slogan in the state such that Governor Ugwuanyi, as the leader have seen that the people are truly in support of his agenda of shifting the pendulum to Enugu East for a continuation of the zoning formula which has ensured the desired political stability in the state.

The recently concluded Ifemelumma rally at Awgu organized by Enugu West Senatorial zone in support of zoning arrangements and solidarity for his good governance initiative captured my interest so much. The interest from the speech of Senator Hyde Onuaguluchi when he advocated that governor Ugwuanyi should prepare for the presidency come 2023 made so much sense and in tune with the yearnings of the numerous fans of governor Ugwuanyi. His leadership enthronement of political culture of peace and dialogue should be urgently replicated at the national scene to safe Nigeria from disintegration. Nigeria is in dire need of a leader like Governor Ugwuanyi who will unite all the ethnic groups and religions under one umbrella to chat the course of unity in the Nigeria project. The manner he United political actors and non actors in Enugu State has ensured stability in all areas of human interaction. It is therefore important to stress that in Enugu State, there is this inter-party relationship aimed at moving the State forward which has limited unnecessary friction in the State. Governor Ugwuanyi remains the instrument that can bring Nigeria together once again especially now that South East is being considered to produce the next president and Governor Ugwuanyi remains the only hope of Nigeria Corporate Existence.
In Gburugburu we stand for Nigerian President and in Enugu East we stand to produce the next Governor of Enugu State.

Bibian Anekwe News added …”What Counts in Life is not the mere fact that we have Lived.It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the Life we lead”.

Written by

©️  Jude Chijioke Achu

A Political Analyst

Media Team Member: Enugu Di n’Akachukwu Movement


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