The Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu as the latest Bride


The recent protest by students of the foremost polytechnic in Nigeria — Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu, over the increase in school fees was unexpected. It sparked off a discordant note in the perennial peaceful atmosphere enthroned by His Excellency, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the state. It was scandalous too, considering that the school has been on a steady trajectory to excellence since Gov. Ugwuanyi took office and appointed a great school administrator and manager of resources, Prof. A.U Nweze as rector.

The latest rating of institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, in academic excellence saw IMT take the second position. Infrastructure wise, it is striving to outpace its contemporaries. But due to its lean resources and the glaring need to keep the flag of success flying, the school Management took the critical decision to slightly review the school fees upward. This didn’t sit well with the student who understandably took to the street.

But fortunately, the people’s governor who is ever atuned to the concerns and aspirations of the citizens quickly intervened. As one who is also atuned to the yearnings of the youth constituency, the governor was moved to high emotions to address the issues as it were. In his characteristic peaceful ambience, he conferred with the weary students while assuring them of government commitment to have their concerns and agitations sorted out. Such really is the hallmark of a listening and concerned leader of the people. Governor Ugwuanyi, may your kind never lack from the enclave of Enugu State, Amen…

This characteristics attributes in Gov.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the reason many discerning minds have found him irresistible and a super fit for the exalted position of the President of this country. Imagine the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) under Ugwuanyi’s presidency. Just imagine that and reflect what will their lot and by extension the lot of the students, their parents and the education sector in general. Governor Ugwuanyi believes in dialog, equity and fairness and a master of Public Relations wizardry who seeks mutual understanding and engagement between the government and the led.  His engagement prowess is amazing. With his intervention, normalcy was restored to the Institution as it were and the students of IMT were satisfied with their Visitor’s advisory.
It is important to note that deliberations are ongoing at the top management level to arrive at a gold mean decision that will soothe both parties.

With the combination of Gov. Ugwuanyi’s love for education, and youth empowerment, and his expertise in conflict resolution, we are rest assured that IMT and its students will continue in their sterling status among comity of citadels of learning in Nigeria. The Institute is obviously the new bride of the governor, as he keeps to his promise, and vows to attend to the demands of both parties.

It is equally important to appreciate the views of many socio-political analysts who saw in Governor Ugwuanyi a political strategist and a leadership re-definer in Nigeria. He simplified the art of governance, and Enugu has been better for it. He brought a new order of servant leadership: the governor is now the servant of his people.

Enugu is truly in the hand of God!

Written by
Hon Bibian Anekwe


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