The exit of any year automatically heralds the birth of another one. Hence the ritual of yearly stock taking fits the pattern and is, in reciprocation fitted by it.

Any year which turns out good on the average is supposed to lend some good manners to the succeeding one. A bad year,on the other hand is excercised in the public consciousness and banished through atonement and appeasement.

Indeed, the going and coming cycle of years, human beings and Generally speaking of material things of this world, has the rippling resonance of Christopher Okigbo’s lines:•••••

“An Old Star departs, leaves us here on the shore

Gazing heavenward for a new Star approaching; the new Star appears, foreshadows it’s going

Before a going and coming goes on Forever…..”

The year 2020, the already dead year,has faithfully maintained the keel and volume of drama which it promised at infancy.

The exit of the year 2020 was only a few days old when one of its off shoot of epidemics of drama swept through Enugu West Senatorial Zone and even beyond.

“Political Jobbers” was the normenclature given to the script.

The cast included—– no hyperbole intended– almost every indegene of Enugu state.

The theme was a litmus test of the groundwork for the over ambitious herculean Journey towards capturing power to sit at the Governorship seat in the Lion Building, come 2023.

The plot took off with a sudden Solidarity visit to the current occupant of the lion building albeit empty seats which portrayed the outing as an unpopular one.

The usual vim and vigour which usually characterised such similar outings in the past to prove capacity as well as legitimacy became glaringly absent.

Because the True Believers and worthy Compatriots whose presence could have lent some legitimacy, at least to the personality of the proponent of the subtle conspiracy.

The complete absence of the Enugu State Deputy Governor who is from the same place as the gladiator. The incomplete absence of the state Assembly men from the same zone. The absence of the entire commissioners from the zone, the SSAs, the SAs, the TAs and other numerous appointees is a complete show of loss of legitimacy.

Being highly infuriated as well as disappointed, ostensibly by the obvious outcome of the low turnout for the widely but discreetly publicised dramatic outing. A total signal of caution, that no matter how smartly twisted and conceived, that desperation can never circumvent silent, steady march of public opinion especially on the issues of justice, fairness, equity and good conscience.

The dissenting voices (True Belivers) dramatically became the reasons for the whole noise in the media space jostling to twart empirical good reasoning which has over the years guaranteed peace among Ndi-Enugu State.

The True Belivers have constantly resisted the tyranny of the political Jobbers by simply always reminding them that:–

“An Old Star must depart from the scene, and leave us here on the shore. Let a New Star appear and foreshadow the going of the old star”

not because the true believer hates or begrudge you, but because the True Belivers simply want to abide to the equity maxim that “he who comes to it must do so with clean hands”.

For the True Belivers with a Unity of Purpose have noticed that it’s the corrupt practices of our so called political jobbers that has engendered him to mythologise and mystify our political process here in Enugu State into cultural zones, a nonsense sentiment which doesn’t exist in the first place as against an already existing peaceful process which have thrown up much balance and confidence among Ndi-Enugu.

In his quest for personal aggrandizement, the Enugu West political jobbers have always favoured prebendal politics at the expense of a More Mass elective stability-inducing political gain.

The lifestyle of the political jobber and the modus operandi of his Representation have grossly undermined our political resource base.

The lure to remain in power for ever the major reason.

The political Jobber should therefore note that he will never earn, or gain any respite from their well choreographed succession of conundrums.

Their coup d’etat inclinations have since been detected in its foetal stages and was summarily aborted.

Our gladness remains in the fact that the Executive Governor of Enugu state, the Rt Hon Dr Lawrence Ugwuanyi (Gburu Gburu of Africa), have been assessed by all standards and his leadership having demonstrated enough wisdom mien, have proven overtime that he has the requisite skill required for the task ahead.

Written by

Onuorah Ndubuisi Godwin
A member of the Enugu West General Assembly (EWGA)


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