The Presidency Feels No Empathy For Nigerians – NEF


President Muhammadu Buhari has been described by the Northern Elders Forum as a leader without empathy who has failed to see that Nigeria has a serious problem.

Hakeem Baba Ahmed, the spokesperson of the group, stated this while speaking on Channels TV over the increasing rate of insecurity in Nigeria.

He noted that the presidency needs to do something serious before things in the country go south.

“I feel sorry for the president, if he does not do anything and we just hear excuses then we are in serious trouble.”

“The Presidency does not feel empathy. We don’t see a president who recognises the fact that we have serious problems but all we hear is we should pray.”

“We are praying that God shows Buhari the way to fix the country. As northerners we are dying and Southerners are being killed.”

“Buhari needs to do something serious, we measure him by just one thing and that is ‘What is the outcome of your commitment’ the country has become so dangerous to live in.”

“How many have to die before Buhari do something serious? Ahmed questioned.


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