The poor Education condition was to a reasonable extent one of the numerous problems facing Enugu State before The Rebirth Of Education In Enugu State. This problem assumed an alarming and disturbing height.

Education sector was relegated to the background which almost killed it in the state. Education was not adequately funded which led to the use of unqualified/ I can teach teachers in most of the State owned schools.

There was also neglect in the areas of structures and classroom blocks in various schools in the state. Poor teaching and learning environment was order of the day until the leadership of His Excellency Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi (Gburugburu).

However, since 2015 till date, The Administration of GBURUGBURU had embarked on steady and systematic reform in Education of the State and this reform is well articulated in the government programmes, this sought to restore the State reputation, dignity, and as well as lay a solid foundation for durable educational and socio-economic development in Enugu State and Nigeria at large.

Achieving quality and productivity in Education demands quality and qualified teachers and other teaching and learning aids. His Excellency Rt Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi(MR FULFILMENT) in His pursuit of standard Education in Enugu State took a giant stride in the areas of teacher recruitment and other relevant resources.

The government of Enugu State Under the close watch of His Excellency (GBURUGBURU) recruited over 5000 primary and Secondary School teachers using Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB), Post Primary School Management Board (PPSMB) and every other Education boards.

There are testimonies among the teachers of the State owing to the good working condition provided by government of the day (GBURUGBURU).
In teaching and learning process, reinforcement and motivation play vital roles in determining what is taught and what is learnt. His Excellency through the adequate and timely remuneration of teachers improved teaching and learning process and standard and also made the profession attractive in Enugu State.

His Excellency (GBURUGBURU), knowing very well that teaching and learning require a good environment has in various ways created conducive environment for schools throughout the state. There has been renovation of dilapidated classroom blocks and construction of new ones all over the schools of the state. His Excellency (GBURUGBURU), did not stop at this but provided desk/chairs, computers, textbooks to enhance teaching and learning in schools. He also made schooling enjoyable for pupils and students by making available those things required for co-curricular activities.

His Excellency (GBURUGBURU) in pursuit of Education and academic breakthrough has rewarded many academic excellence and this has motivated many, this can be seen when he rewarded Chineke Cajethan who made Enugu State and Nigeria proud by taking the first position in a global essay competition.

Let Us support His Excellency Rt Hon Dr Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi’s efforts in bringing Enugu State to the limelight through Education Excellence.
Truly it will end in praise.

Nnamdi Igwebuike.


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