The Enugu State Housing Development Corporation (ESHDC) is a parastatal of the Enugu State Government owned 100% by it and is established by “Enugu State Housing Development Corporation Law” Cap. 58 Laws of Enugu State Government 2004.
ESHDC is one of the fully commercialized agencies of the Enugu State Government charged with the responsibility of implementing the State Government housing policy for all classes of people. However, the State Government appoints Board of Directors of the Corporation which usually consist of seasoned and accomplished professionals in the Housing, business and other related sectors of the society. The eight (8) member Board and the Management Committee of the Corporation sees to the policy formation and the day to day running of the Corporation as provided for in the Corporation’s Law, and as directed by His Excellency the Governor of the State.

At this point, it becomes incumbent on us to contextualise the policies and dispositions of His Excellency, Rt Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Lawrence Ugwuanyi, the Executive Governor of Enugu State in order to weigh the impact he has been able to establish in the housing sector under the auspices of ESHDC and after closer observations and sustained conscious engagement with the concerned parties in Enugu State Housing sector, I feel it is pertinent to report here that MR FULFILLMENT’s co-operation and partnership with the current MD/GM of the corporation; an accomplished business tycoon and a technocrat per excellence, Hon. Chukwuemelia Lambert Agu with his sound team of professionals and managers is actually preserved in a wrap of secrecy and for the sake of posterity, I have undertaken to attempt unveiling the cauldron of the secrets driving the state government’s plans in the housing sector.

It is as well seriously essential to use this medium to debunk the unverifiable claims in some unnamed corners that Governor IFEANYI Ugwuanyi while trying to implement the impressive housing development policies engaged in unwarranted land grabbing because there is no record of any community where some of the housing estates are located falling out with the state government as every due process is diligently adhered to in the process of acquiring those properties and it is very necessary to challenge anyone with counter claims to make that public as soon as possible.

As a people-oriented leader, Governor IFEANYI Ugwuanyi knew from the onset that apart from feeding and clothing, that shelter is the next most essential need for a human being and decided to confront the housing deficiency in the state headlong. When he learnt the possibility of Mr. Odoh hibernating somewhere in a slum at Abakpa Nike or the chances of one Miss Ngozi in Oji River fighting for survival under a thatch roof, he knew there was a searing yearnings among the people crying out for attention and immediately stood up to the situation; selecting passionate and visionary technocrats to man the prominently popular housing services and today, the blind, deaf and dumb do testify to the positive vibes emerging from the all-important housing sector.

It is the swift response of Gov. Ifeanyi-Ugwuanyi led Enugu State to the ailing housing sector that forms the nexus of the secret inspiring both the state government and its vital parastatal; Enugu State Housing Development Corporation which led to the available gargantuan accomplishments.

For instance, it is already in the public domain that the Gov.Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi( MR FULFILMENT) led government is leaving no stone unturned in a religious implementation of HOUSE FOR ALL program which is reflected in the avalanche of housing estates developed and run by the state government reflecting the hierarchical structure of a civil society living beyond the average. Today, the management of ESHDC is consciously transforming Enugu State into a sane society where homelessness is not only abhorred but not tolerated as Mama Ekpere; the vegetable seller in Afia Abakpa now has the opportunity to own her own house or building and the taxi driver in Nsukka can as well live in a standard residence at a minimally affordable price. And of course today, I am moved to assert that since the creation of Enugu State, that no government has made as much as that of H.E . Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in the area of housing development and certainly the array of housing estates in the state accommodating both the low and high; both the business man and the civil servant; both the artisan and even the unskilled workers that have legitimate means of survival and of course, the rational citizens of Enugu State are thankful.

When one drives around under the boulevards characterising Zoo Estate, surely, one would not need any further promoting before feeling transported to a city characteristically foreign; too elegant to be local and too secured to toyed with but that is if you are yet to visit Transparency Estate through WTC Estate to Valley Estate: estates with customised and aesthetically appealing architectural masterpieces that are too comfortable to be this close, perhaps, one would start to appreciate the ingenuity of Governor UGWUANYI’S well considered investment in the housing sector.

Cruising through the greenery of the horticultural monuments dotting and crossing Citadel Estates ( Phase 1&2) , Enugu Rangers Estates (Phases 1&2) and Liberty Estate, one would have no option than to celebrate the innovativeness of Governor IFEANYI UGWUANYI’S government in providing adequate and standard shelter for the residents of Enugu State.

Transversing across the low housing estates about to be unveiled across the seventeen local governments that make up Enugu State, one would naturally be grateful for the gift of GBURU GBURU in Enugu State political leadership and beyond. Truly, from every clues on ground, it is predictable that Enugu State will not just wear a magnificent picture before 2023 but would stand out as a state with all its citizens meaningfully accommodated; all thanks to the technicality of Governor IFEANYI UGWUANYI’S partnership with Hon. Chukwuemelie Agu’s cerebral team of experts in the management of ESHDC.







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