Umahi Reveals Actions Of PDP Governors At Night


Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, has reacted to the statement of Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State that the Peoples Democratic Party made him what he is today.

Umahi during interview with Arise TV noted that he served as peacemaker and negotiator.

He noted that made the party what it is today and not the other way around.

Recall that Wike in one of his recent comment had said, “Umahi has the right to move to the APC, it’s his constitutional right, but we cannot in all cases allow Umahi blackmail PDP that made him chairman of the party, deputy governor, and governor and then you now realize there is an injustice against southeast.”

The Ebonyi State Governor also disclosed that some Governors under the PDP insults the president during the day and in the night they go up and down apologising.

“People say PDP made me what I am. That is absolutely rubbish. We made PDP what PDP is,” he said.

“It is the people that make the party and I’ve contributed so much in the making of PDP not the other way around. I’ve been a peacemaker.”

“I’ve been a negotiator and even the Governor of Edo State coming on board was my prophecy which my fellow Governor directed the working committee to come and probe me but that was a big minus for them because you don’t probe a sitting Governor.”

“Another one is that the PDP wants me to be castigating Mr. President. I have no other boss apart from Mr. President. And by my culture and upbringing you do not insult the elders. It’s not in my character.”

“And some of them [PDP Governors] speak rubbish in the day and in the night they’re caps in hands and they start going up and down. I don’t do like that. So Mr. President remains my boss, father and boss and I’ve no regret about that.”


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