What happened to competency


While the rest of the world sue for competency from best hands in steering national policies, here in our corner of the globe, the satellite hunt on seeming primitive criteria of irrelevancy that promises faithlessness in our electoral system and choices of candidates, that maneuvered their way through flawed processes to national offices. Very anachronistic indices inform electorate’s voting discretion, perhaps an arbitrary political culture and shaky socialization have been the actuator. The factors that people take into cognizance while munching on whom to entreat their mandate is to say the least, irrational and smacks of primitive raticionation which has no justifiable foothold on the planes of civilized world.

Where sane nations of the world put score cards exuding competency of candidature first, before other qualifying glories, ours in a peculiar ineradicable bigotry would briskly shelve aside efficiency and throw the compass on uncharted sail of sectionality. For any candidate worth his grit must hail from or pretend to affiliate with those obsessed with warped sense of eternal marriage to sceptre and the corresponding natural obligation for others to concede their fate of spectatorship and the former’s magistracy . This mischievous preoccupation has contributed grandiosely to the relapse into dark ages experience reenacting itself overtime.

The world has drifted from such perversive school of thought to seeing clearly through capacity and innovation. A good leader by any definition need be synonymous with 21st century enthusiast, a person who must strive to advance the frontiers of technological mysteries of his nation in the face of overwhelming industrialization.

In our clime unfortunately, as earlier remarked, the first item placed before others would be the deciding factor. Religious divides presently jostles for pride of place amongst insignificant considerations that conspire to censor objectivity from masses who eventually would be scalded through the electoral baking processes. We are neither here nor there. As a matter of urgency there is a need for Nigerians to disabuse their minds from unreasonable qualifications which permeate near every form of our public interface and social networking. It does not smell alien at all to leaf through diverse opinions on who takes after the incumbent tenant in Aso Rock Villa, both political and intellectual cacophony whipped from all geopolitical sides are quite consistent on wheeling arrangement for sustainable integration and entrenching the crusade for belongingness in the polity. Zoning, a sing-song has been strenuously canvassed across party enclaves as the magic wand to extinguish wide agitations genuine or otherwise, arrest upping tides of criminalities and de-incorporate banditry. How worrisome that, decisive index such as competency(less attended to)which cumulatively bears dramatic effect on the quality of governance desired by a people already exhausted under traumatized and epileptic policies, ruthlessly executed without giving an iota of sensitivity to how citizens lives are scourged by them.

It suffices to state lucidly, that each section of the country regardless of the thin population has thoroughbreds administrative technocrats excelling in their chosen province of livelihood, national and international.

Going by the trending formula, by stretch of imagination, the lot fell on the South East region of the country, where the likes of Enugu State Governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi hails from. The effervescent governor currently suffers shot of breath due to cries and petitions of well meaning Nigerians spanning through distinct states to deliver himself up for national service of his fatherland. To some, the detrabalised governor and a Pan-African exponent is the shoo-in come 2023, extrapolating from his track records of excellence in human resources management, industrial and technological strides and education milestones.

Nigerians, particularly the masses at this critical moment need the very best hands in security issues. They look for a leader who has no selective security menu, but one who shares firm belief in every part of the country being a mere extension of his village. Nigerians bay for seasoned negotiators to bargain the way out of mounting foreign debts expended with ounce or no change at all. Nigerians starve for the right man to reconcile what appears irreconcilable national values.
These dire issues are what the dearing governor has in a meagre six years of his gubernatorial tenancy, proved his mettle. Would competency ever take the center stage in our political permutations? Only time will reveal.

Written by;
Mrs. Bibian Anekwe

SSA to the Governor of Enugu State on Mobilization and Empowerment

Enugu Di N’akachukwu Movement ( DG)


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