When A leader is home to his mission and mandate


The news issuing from the coal city state penultimate week might not be too edifying and must have had a devastating effect on the attainment of 30 years as a state on the 27th of August 2021. A slur was cast on the celebratory mood of Ndi Enugu when the incident of the unfortunate fire disaster arising from the usage of adulterated petroleum products in some parts of Igbo-Etiti and Nsukka Local Government Areas of the state and which claimed not quite a few lives and several others injured, while unquantifiable properties of citizens were destroyed as a result was still fresh in our memories. While the global world is groveling under the effects of COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the traumatizing economic low down as being experienced in the developing world where Nigeria belongs, other health challenges as well as the pangs of insecurity and insurgency which Governor Ugwuanyi has battled relentlessly in the last couple of years as a capacity leader of Ndi Enugu, just so that he could give his subjects hope. The last thing on the mind of our good natured governor and indeed all men of goodwill is to envisage the unfortunate disaster which affected some of our people. Quite bad! Isn’t it?

As bad as it is, there seems to be one general consensus. Sadistic as the assertion may still appear, it remains an eternal truth that one thing must kill a man or woman. We should readily admit as a people or in the words of a respected Igbo highlife crooner, Paulson Kalu, who sang in one of his signature tunes that our world is indeed good, but the combined forces of the evil people in the world and their collaborators have jointly ganged up to destroy the beautiful world of God. So true, so sad. We have a beautiful world created out of nothing by the omniscient God Himself, and who planted man to traverse and dominate the same world. Rather, mankind have always had the propensity to observe God’s charge and encouragement in the breach and negatively for selfish reasons. How else, could one explain that after God has spent so much time creating, modifying and perfecting his gifts to the human race, we will turn around to make a huge capital out of the same gift at the detriment of our fellow mankind? The adulteration of the petroleum products which found its way to the hinterlands could not have been done by the man in the outer space, but people who live around us with the full knowledge of the implications and consequences of such dangerous act, yet went on to act so foolishly in other to make gain over other’s misfortunes.

It is good enough that we have a leader who is alive to his responsibilities. It is equally bad enough that while our capacity leader is busy building a society that would have attained more rungs in the developmental ladder by the time he vacates the Lion Building in 2023, devil’s incarnates in the land are busy destroying our beautiful world. Disgusted by the circumstances surrounding the importation and sales of this harmful petroleum products to some sections of the state, governor Ugwuanyi had already directed full investigation to unravel this with a view to unmasking the evil perpetrators. Governor Ugwuanyi who cut short his official engagements outside the state just so that he could personally access the situation had since commiserated and empathized with the victims of the unfortunate disaster.

It is interesting to know that following Ugwuanyi’s usual style of attending to issues of this nature in the past, he has once more demonstrated his ability to stand by his mission in government. And that is to show adequate care and provide social welfare and security to all citizens of the state no matter where they may be located, their creed, religious or political bent. Already, the people’s governor has mandated the Commissioner of Health, Hon. Emmanuel Ikechukwu Obi and his Permanent Secretary, Mr. Ifeanyi Agujiobi to ensure that all those affected in one way or another following the fire incidents receives adequate and best medical care at government’s expense.

As a leader who is truly home to his mandate and mission, governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi equally directed the Chairmen of the affected local government areas to carry out a detailed appraisals of the situation as it concerns their respective council areas and report back to the state government for further action. I am quite certain that in the fullness of time, the government of Ugwuanyi will not just stop at offering best free medical services to the victims, those who have their properties destroyed as a result of the fire as well as the families of those who lost their lives would have their sufferings mitigated. Ugwuanyi is a thoughtful and a thoroughbred caring leader. It has become part of his personal philosophy to touch lives.
Again it is important we pray that the investigations would be able to reveal the true perpetrators of the evil act and they would be made to face the full wrath of the law.

I join other well meaning citizens to register my sincere grief and condole with the government and the people of Enugu State over the loss of lives and properties of dear citizens. Sure this disaster could have been avoided, but we take solace that what is written is written… May God grant the souls of all the faithful departed eternal rest in His Kingdom and grant the survivors quick heal of their misfortunes. We are certain, that our God has not abandoned a city on a hill alongside its people. Sure, we remain firmly encircled in His massive Hands.

Bibian Anekwe News added – ““The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.” .

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© Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.
Public Affairs Commentator.

Media Team Member of Enugu di n’akachukwu movement


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