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Students of Policy formulations and strategies would be quick to infer that no matter how good, substantial or critical an idea is without corresponding plan or tactics to drive what we might term as the visionary objectives, such ideas may remain still born or at best atrophied. In other words, while it is good and important to dream big, having the zeal and passion to translate dreams and visions into reality is even more important. As Kelly Ayotte would put it, it is only passion as a secret ingredient that drives hard work and excellence. Kelly have craved for an opportunity where he can solve problems and be able to make a difference in his own society with his own vision. Now, this position would be more like Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State who took the oath of office twice for an opportunity not to make himself popular but just so that he can solve societal problems and make a significant difference with his dreams for Ndi Enugu. And like Maya Angelou, governor Ifeanyichukwu Ugwuanyi is strictly guided by a public policy that is more expedient in the interest of the people.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi came into the public office with a mindset to impact positively in his society. Having articulated a robust blueprint, he wasted no time in marshaling out strategies and tactics with a strong passion to succeed in almost every aspect of the socio-political economy. He synced with the position of the former President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan who believed that to be an excellent policy maker and strategist, public and business leaders must surround themselves with the best people available. Most importantly, authority must be delegated with little or no interference as long as the policy decided are being carried out. Now, would anyone want to argue about this of governor Ugwuanyi? Having articulated his visions, he painstakingly selected the best hands and technocrats to drive the mission. The results of such passionate drive is all too glaring for even the doubting Thomas’s.

We have often heard folks say that honesty is the best policy. But that is morally speaking. Again, economically speaking, Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister believes that Education is the best economic policy there is. Again, would anyone want to argue that governor Ugwuanyi has not put the best foot forward since he straddled the political space about six years ago? He has equally proven to be an honest political leader, a virtue lacking in the psychology of contemporary leaders. The realization of the fact still that education is sine qua non and a pedestal upon which all the socio-political developments evolve pushed Ugwuanyi to constitute various Boards in the Education Ministry with a synergy that would enhance massive growth in the sector for the good of the state. Today, it is heart warming to observe that the results of Ugwuanyi’s efforts in the education sector is clearly manifesting. Students being tutored across the state owned technical colleges are living up to the billings of the government investments therein. How about the great feats achieved by two students studying in the technical colleges recently? While Master Emmanuel Maduabuchi Chukwu an indigene of Enugu State locally invented two aircrafts, a helicopter and a jet fighter, Master Chukwuebuka Udoye, an indigene of Anambra State invented an MP3 radio set.
To express his elation at these uncommon feats, governor Ugwuanyi appreciated the two lads with a government scholarship up to the university level and an additional monetary gifts of one million and five hundred thousand Naira respectively to aid them in their further research efforts for their respective inventions.
Governor Ugwuanyi not one to be outdone in the acts of appreciation, expressed his joy towards all the striving students as well as all those whom he has appointed in various positions in the education industry for synergizing to meet common objectives of the government and justifying the huge investments in the sector.

Hear the proud Governor…
“I am proud of all of you; I am proud of the education system in Enugu State; I am excited. The young student from Anambra State, we give you N500,000.00 and scholarship for manufacturing a radio set in our state”.

Sure this is a clear demonstration of results meeting with the objectives. Gburugburu’s vision is steadily hitting the bull’s eyes to the glory of God.
Sure, Enugu State remains in the hands of God.

Bibian Anekwe News added …”Leadership is an action not a position”

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©️ Austin Okechukwu Chijioke.

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Media Team Member: Enugu Di n’Akachukwu Movement


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