Being that nature is hostile to vacuum, it is normal for people to seek to exercise political control in every society. It is this natural predisposition that necessitates every form of schemes and intrigues we witness during elections. However, as another general election lurks in the corner with its concomitant controversies, I consider it part of my civil and constitutional rights to make my own timely conjectures in the matters arising especially as it pertains the pre-election activities that would produce the next number one citizen of Enugu State come 2023.

Without beating about the bush, I seek to dwell extensively on the issue of zoning which has started filtering around the corridors of the political fields of Enugu State. While some argue that the right thing to do to allow peace reign in Enugu State, come 2023 is to allow Enugu East to produce the next governor, another set of people gravitate towards supporting a candidate from Enugu West to occupy the Lion Building, yet another group believes that the ultimate decision to make in that regard is to start a fresh rotation from Enugu North Senatorial District. Come what may, a candidate is bound to emerge after all said and done.

But before I present my own take, I wish to acknowledge the sterling precipitations of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration as he continues to professionally steer the affairs of Enugu State despite the associated challenges. I doff my cap while my loyalty remains firm.

At this point, it becomes essential to go a bit down memory lane to uproot the background of zoning in Enugu State’s political framework since it does not occupy any clause or section of our constitution. But even at that, we should be acquainted with the opinion that substantiates the fact that laws are made not to only to be obeyed but to be abused.

As a point of fact, the issue of of zoning the governorship position in Enugu State started in 1999 when this democracy was at an infant stage and our people adopted it to stem the tide of excess competition and aggressive pressure that marked an average Nigerian election. It was meant to reduce and restrict tension and make the process more flexible. And the Enugu East was the first to produce the first candidate in the person of Senator Dr . Chimaroke Nnamani who figuratively became the state’s Lion King for 8 years and handed over to Barr. Sullivan Chime from Enugu West that handled the mantle of Enugu State leadership for another eight solid years before handing the baton over to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and now, here we are today.

Prior to 1999, the three senatorial districts that make up Enugu State had as well produced the governors of the state in the persons of Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo from Enugu North, Chief Jim Nwobodo from Enugu East and Chief Madueke from the Greater Awgu of Enugu West respectively, so equity and justice had been served to all ab initio. It is this proposition that motivates some opinion influencers to suggest that the field is free for all the candidates who find themselves eligible for the most sought after position in Enugu State, come 2023.

Even though there are inklings from different angles suggesting that Gburu Gburu is likely to annoint a candidate from Enugu East in order to start the zoning scheme afresh, some groups have started insisting that Enugu West ought to be given a chance while the pro-Enugu North groups believe that the zoning should start from them, hence, the raging controversies surrounding the game.

As deductible from our folklore, when a man wants to share goodies among his children, he alternates the process from the first to the last and vice-versa, and so, the pro-Enugu North supporters insist that their choice demand to be given the opportunity to produce the next governor of the state is highly justified.

On this note,I wish to remind the anti-zoning politicians in Enugu State that the age-long concept has been responsible for the relative peace and harmony in the state and furnishes the system with equity and justice, therefore, should be jealously guarded. Some might argue that zoning sacrifices merit at the alter of mediocrity but they should be quick to remember that every zone has a qualified candidate they believe can deliver.

Though, it is not central to the theme of this message to make an elaborate reference to the accomplishments of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi foregrounding his credibility, I wish to digress a bit by reminding all that he has instituted and inspired cross-sectoral developmental strides that will continue to speak for him for a longer period in life. And for preserving a lot of respect for him, I wish him to seek the face of God and apply appropriate use of his discretion in making the all-important decision without forgetting to consider the urgency of choosing a youth for the sensitive assignment.

And while I continue to regurgitate over the zoning deliberations, I wish to remind the people of Enugu North that it is not too early for them to plan their way through by engaging in constructive consultations and feedback in view of who becomes the next governor of Enugu State because a stitch in time saves nine.






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