It pains me each time I hear some motivational speakers trying to convince people, (especially youths), that they can do without the government.

How can you convince me to believe I can do without the government when I cannot access a common good cottage health care in my village, because of bad representation? When I decided to build the hospital by myself I only discovered a big gap and some financial constraints that restricts me from doing it myself because it is the duty of those that have been enjoying our votes over the years, and they are not even concern about it, or showing any sign that they are still aware of the existence of such bad infrastructures. That is why I cannot do without the government.

How can I do without the government when I cannot run my private businesses with an uninterrupted power supply? And when I took it upon myself to generate light from the nearest river in my community I only discovered same factors that restricts an individual from doing so except the government they voted into power, yet they are not doing as if they see the unavoidable need for electric power stabilization in the zone as the focal point of economic advancement.

Any government that have no budget for electric power stabilization is not worth a representative of the people, and should be abolished. We don’t have foreign investors to advance our agricultural know-how, why because there is no light that can carry their machines operatives, yet they benefiting from the mess, thereby creating more poverty to the people. Why do our legislators allowed the fuel prices on the high side, if not to make sure everything gets tougher for a common man in the society, why they remain at the receiving end?

Where are we going from here as a senatorial zone, as a component, and as a nation?

Recall that some years ago in Aninri, the state government flagged off a construction of some kilometers of roads from Ndiaboh community to Oduma, through the rail line ring road, at the cost of #100,000,000.00. During that period, Aninri has a commissioner for works and infrastructure, Dr. Ezebuilo Ikpenwa, fortunately enough he was the delegate of the state government to flagged off that rural roads construction. All Aninri sons and daughters were invited for that solemn function, including the high and mighty. However, our Distinguished senator was there live as the deputy president of the senate of the 8th assembly, to witness that occasion, but thereafter, that project have been suspended and abandoned.

Then i ask; what happened with the project that it has to be abandoned after the payment of the sum by the state government? Does it mean, the then commissioner for works and infrastructure, an Aninri indigene didn’t know what happened under his nose? Or the resources diverted for another project yet unknown to the people of Aninri, Or probably the state withdrew her formal approval to the said contracts?

The former commissioner is on this platform and should immediately speak up, because so much lies have been propagated by some persons in Aninri LGA against the government of Rt. Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for not having state presence in our local government. I think it is time to speak up, and let the truth be made open for our people to see.

I remember that i almost lost my mother early February last year on a hit and run driver bus in Ohofia Oduma, but God saved the situation. On that fateful night when the accident happened, my mother was quickly rushed to our death trapped dilapidated cottage hospital in Oduma, and as such nearly gave up ghost in the said clinic, but God used my father to call my attention to drive to the village to rescue my dying mother because there was no adequate health care system that could guarantee her stability at that moment. I left Enugu at about 8:45 pm, driving like a mad man to enable me meet up and save my mother’s innocent life by bringing her to Enugu for a proper medical attention. Supposes my phone were to be switched off that night, or maybe there were no means of conveying her to Enugu urban hospital, what could have become of her fate? Unfortunately by now we would have been preparing for a burial of someone who can ordinarily been taken care of, should our representatives had done their legislative and oversight functions. Very big unfortunate experience. What about those that do not have the means like me? Who would save them too?

Our zonal representatives are not being fair enough to our people, and we must rise up to this challenge because it falls under our total mandate to effectively ensure speed change in leadership. Although, our Distinguished Senator responded to us when we told he about the ugly incident with a hospital package of #100,000. Which up till the moment we have not received, apart from the generous assistance of Rt. Hon Toby Okechukwu, whom i personally called to inform of my mother’s illness which he quickly responded in person to the hospital with his lovely wife.

Now, how many of our teeming poverty striking people can afford calling on these aforementioned in times like that in their ugly experience and they would be attended to? Of course non. My appeal is that those we have voted into power should start doing something meaningful. There is still time for them to rewrite the wrong. Our hospitals, schools infrastructures are in shambles. Let them do something immediately about it to saves lives.

Prince Ugochukwu Nwanjoku.


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